what size?

May 29, 2009

in an idle moment at work today, yes, i realise there aren’t supposed to be any, however…  in an idle moment at work today i read an article in the smh bemoaning the lack of consistency across the sizing of women’s clothes and that a government inquiry may be run to investigate!! (that part made me crack up.) 

 i do wonder why women’s clothes come in sizes rangeing from 0 to 26 (or wherever) while men’s clothes are sized according to body measurements.  perhaps it’s because women would then have to be honest that they don’t have a 85cm waist and fess up to needing trousers with a waist measurement considerably more than that.  or that she’s not an hour glass symbol of feminine perfection but rather a used and loved body of indescriminate shape.

female clothing sizes are stupid on length too, not just girth.  in a past life i worked as a sales assistant (or whatever fancy name we’re supposed to give to that occupation) on the mens suit floor at david jones city store.  it was rare for mens trousers to be finished at the cuff; that’s why a full time staff of four tailors were kept busy in a back room to finish off the trousers to exactly fit the purchasers.  for the cheaper suits the purchaser had to pay for the tailoring, the expensive brands paid djs direct to do the tailoring.  this included if waists had to be let out or taken in, if a silk saddle was desired or any number of other small changes.  before you ask- i never measured an inside leg! it’s a complete fallacy that that measurement is necessary.  the tailor taught me very carefully how to measure trouser lengths to fit perfectly without getting anywhere near a guys crotch.

djs also had a staff tailor to make complete suits from scratch.  gosh, he was a dapper man; always in three pieces, always with a fob watch on a chain or very expensive gold wrist watch, always in divinely soft and sparkling polished leather shoes, his hair was perfect, his nails manicured, his manner charming, his speech respectful and well-modulated…  pity he was 70+ and a foot shorter than me!!  i don’t believe there is a staff tailor at djs anymore…  and i don’t have to tell you what most department store sales assistants are like (moi excluded.)

anyways, i digress.  i’ve got long legs and would much prefer to have trousers finished by a tailor to fit me properly.  even worse tho, i have long arms (bit of monkey) and can never get shirts to fit to the proper length.  even after paying $170 for the extra arm length business shirts from herringbone (whom i now understand are going bust!) you can still see my boney wrists poking out of most of my clothes.  it’s annoying and somewhat embarassing.  i lay the blame at the door step of fashion houses and marketers.

if women were not coerced, bullied and shamed into buying a new wardrobe of clothes every season then we’d perhaps buy for longevity and usefulness; not the latest tassle and flounce.  so if a shirt or coat isn’t quite right you’ll be getting rid of it and getting a new one in no more than four months anyways.  what’s the big deal?  well, for a start it’s hideously wasteful and unsustainable on so many fronts. 

i’d like to lobby for women’s clothes to be sized according to body measurements and to have leeways built into them to allow letting out and taking in, lengthening and shortening, just like men’s clothes.  i swear sisters, it’s an emancipation issue!


a couple of weekends back paul and i saw one of our neighbours at the erko shops sporting a little belly.  is she pregnant we whispered to ourselves?  with quiet glee in our hearts.  yesterday paul overheard her talking to someone and definately heard something about “five months.”  which would fit with their reformed behaviour.  we haven’t had any noise complaints with them since the disaster in january.  perhaps she’s been chucking her guts up and feeling exhausted for the past five months.  i know it’s mean but i kind of hope that’s true.  perhaps they’ll finally understand what we’ve been trying to teach them for the past two years- kids are hard work and the less arseholes you have living next door the better.

even meaner, i’m hoping she (i think the boyf has moved in but we’ve no way of knowing if he’s the father) has a really difficult child.  i wouldn’t wish any illness or sickness or on-going medical problem on any kid but a baby that’s really hard to settle and keeps them up at all hours for years would be a vindictive payback.  gee, there’s a nasty streak in me, hey?

now we’ve just got to get the smokers on the other side to cark it of lung cancer (or perhaps just quit) and life will improve greatly.

still wanting to move tho.  there are other reason our little town house doesn’t suit us anymore.  sigh….

loss of patience

May 26, 2009

what happened yesterday to the endless amounts of patience raising children is supposed to endow you with?  i lost it twice yesterday.  just slipped out of my hands, dribbled out my ears and slunk out the door.

both times with poor percy.  in the morning and again in the evening.  maybe i was particularly hormonal, maybe i’d had enough.  is there any excuse?  before you worry, percy was not harmed or in any sort of jeopardy.

yesterday morning we had a carpet cleaner coming at 7am.  i wanted to be breakfasted and dressed before he arrived.  not a big thing as i’m usually up around 6- 6:15am and can manage those two tasks in 45 minutes.  the problem arose after paul and i had already argued about what furniture we could move to assist in the cleaning and what would just have to be cleaned around, then at 6:45am percy flatly refused to put any clothes on.  this despite she had specifically told me she wanted to wear a dress with a pair of  trousers underneath.  with her half clothed and dancing around on our bed i slammed my hand against the door and burst into tears.  dammit!  she’s become a very devil in saying ‘yes’ to one set of clothes, then struggling like a landed fish to not get into them, only to reject any other option too.  i don’t offer her endless options, just two alternatives, unless of course she beats me to her set of drawers and starts going thru each shirt she owns.

watching me bawl seemed to have a good effect on her!  she sat quietly and waited it out.  she even gave a sympathetic sniff a couple of times.  a big hug with her and paul and i was red-faced, wet and ugly, but functioning again.

obviously my lack of patience stayed with me all day to resurface in the evening…  it was bedtime.  percy has opted out of baths again for showers with me.  which i quite like because she’s so cute all shiny and soapy in the shower and i like an evening shower.  except last nite she delayed and delayed and delayed.  i’d gathered all our towels and jammies and face cloths and soap and toys, etc, etc.  i’d asked her repeatedly to come into the bathroom and get undressed.  in fact i was starkers by this time and felt really stupid, conjoling and arguing with a toddler with my big belly sticking out.  perhaps this stupid feeling contributed to my anger.

for the upteenth time percy shouted “no” and dived onto her bed.  i brusquely replied “fine, just go to sleep then!” slammed her door closed and got into a scalding hot shower alone.  thankfully paul came upstairs a minute later and convinced her to get in the (quite a bit cooler) shower with me.  i don’t know what he did.

i just couldn’t help myself.  i don’t lose my temper a lot.  (paul might disagree but that’s his own fault.  see, prior to meeting paul i never lost my temper; it’s his fault for encouraging me to express my feelings freely that he sometimes cops the worst of it.)  on one hand i think it’s useful for percy to see that all people experience the full gamut of emotions, on the other i’m terribly sorry that she might feel responsible for me.  it also doesn’t teach her anything useful about how to deal with emotions in a level-headed manner.  oh heck, we’re not automatons- we’re not ‘level-headed’ all the time.  i suppose she might see that smacking the wall is better than smacking a person?

this morning percy very happily and calmly picked out some clothes for herself to dress in nearly without any help from me.  fluke?  lesson learned? or cowed?  i can’t help but worry i’ve stuffed up big time.  let’s see what happens at shower time, hey?

no nap

May 24, 2009

arrgghhh!! not yet!

this weekend percy seemed like she wanted to stay awake all day.  which is patently obvious she can’t do yet- she would end up a screaming wreck about 4pm.  much like i would too!

yesterday she just didn’t want to sleep in her cot.  she ended watching happy feet on the lounge with paul.  thankfully she also fell asleep there at 2:50pm.  paul held very still to let her get an hours nap.  again today there was no getting her to sleep.  she was in the living room with me when she asked to play hide and seek.  i said i was too tired but she could go in the dining room and ask her pappa.  this she did happily enough- yay- she seems to only want specific people to do specific things for her; usually me, usually all things.  paul picked her up and was holding her against his shoulder while he was talking with me for a few minutes…. lo and behold, percy fell asleep against him! she transferred to her cot and slept for an hour and half.

this sounds ok except for two things.  1. the time and effort wasted in trying to get her to sleep in the first place and 2. we woke her on both occasions (by open curtains and just generally carrying on with things around her; not poking her awake and flinging her out of bed) at 4pm because we were concerned if she sleeps too late into the afternoon we’ll never get her down at bedtime.  she is the worst waker-upper!  she seems ok to start with but quickly descends into cries and howls and protests.  there’s nothing that makes her happy.  yesterday we coaxed her into the stroller, after struggling to get some clothes on her, and today into the backpack, for a trip out.  this is a good thing to do because 1. screaming toddlers seem less loud outside, 2. there’s more novel things to distract her outside, 3. the parents (paul and i , der) don’t feel as pressured to “do something” when we are away from each other, and 4. fresh air and exercise is good to soothe upset toddlers and give her a bit of a tucker out again before bed.

both trips out did work.  she was calm again before the end of the street.  i really hope this doesn’t continue because for a lot of reasons most parents will understand we all need our toddler to have a nap in the early afternoon.  hmmmm…. wait and see i suppose.

whinge for this week

May 21, 2009

i’m not sure indoor pets are worth the effort.  i’ve always been of the opinion that dogs live outdoors, birds shouldn’t be caged, fish are dull, reptiles are cold (ha ha) and rodents are a bit ick.  anything that is big enough to be ridden by a child (goat, pig, cow, horse, donkey etc.) definately belongs outside.  this leaves cats.

our two moggies are delightful animals that have given us plenty of laughs, cuddles and soft snoozes.

they are also smelly, whiney, expensive, sleep-depriving fucks! once they are gone i won’t be in a hurry to replace them.  unless we can keep them largely outside, or in the laundry or something.  oops peed on the bottom two steps earlier this week.  we can’t get the smell out.  we’ve got carpet cleaners coming 7am on monday.  which is possibly a good thing anyways as we haven’t cleaned the carpets since we moved in nearly six years ago-  eeewww.

onto the whinge of the week… last nite after galloping cats feet (they are surprisingly loud), some hissing, some squeaking and other not so identifiable moises and bashings, paul descended the stairs to discover pi had brought a play mate inside.  i heard paul call out “i might need some help with this!”  damn, nocturnal visitors are the male’s domain i’m sure, partic when partnering female is six months preggers.

“what is it?” “either a marsupial or a foot long rat.”  great, here i am in bare legs, beat hasty retreat to staircase (like that will help.)

finally what i determine to be a fairly big and healthy mouse (not a giant rat) is poked out from under the fridge by paul, with the broom handle.  it promptly disappears under the dishwasher instead, despite being given landing clearance lighting to the back door.  it’s still there for all i know.  i’m hoping for an early death so we can hook it out and dispose of it, not be left wondering which night it will make it’s way upstairs and into bed with us.  pi got a stern talking to in the morning that all play mates are to be kept outside, screw the weather, and if they absolutely have to brought inside as trophies then they are to be dead first, and eaten from tip to tip promptly.

add to this late nite adventure the following waking regime from percy:  10:30pm, 11:30pm, 12am, 12:30am, 3:30am, 4:30am, 5am, 5:30am and up at 6am.  we did not sleep.  i don’t know what kept waking percy up, she has the last lingerings of cold but i find it hard to imagine that’s what it was.  please, just let us have eight hours land-of-nod time tonite!

impressive sentences

May 19, 2009

here’s a sample of some things that percy has impressed us with recently:

“no thank you, i’m fine”  in response to the query if she needed a tissue after a big sneeze.

“that was really nice pappa”, “what was?”, “the chocolate.”

“are you ok, mamma?” called down the stairs after she heard me coughing.

also, some photos… pasta face, a picture percy took of paul without any help at all, and oddly her having taken paul’s undies off the drying rack and draped them over her head (what the..?)

searching for a home

May 19, 2009

as much as we love erko and would happily spend our days there we want a different home.  we want a home that doesn’t spill our children directly on to a heavily trafficked road one step from the front door, we want a home that isn’t separated from our neighbours by paper thin walls, we want a home where outside smokers aren’t virtually in our living room, we want a home with enough room to have family and friends stay with us without being on top of each other, we want, we want, we want!

however this seems to be unobtainable.  at least unobtainable for what we can afford and where we want to live.  and i don’t think we are being unreasonable.  to continue the list; we want to be within an hour’s commute to our jobs and not in a complete hellhole of a suburb with no facilities.  doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.  i’ve trawled thru hundreds of property pages to no avail.  boo hoo hoo…

i suppose i will persist (it seems ‘persist’ should be my middle name sometimes) and we’ll settle on something eventually…  it’s draining effort in the mean time.

perhaps i ought to check that lotto ticket i bought last week…

pictures may 09

May 14, 2009

percy put on my boots today and shuffled about the living room.  it was too hilarious.

this is the face that results from the request “smile!”

we seem to have finally hit upon the solution to that rash around her mouth too.  we’ve got a stronger dose cream to treat eczema from the dr/chemist and after just two applications there’s a good improvement.  which is a relief because we are coming up to six weeks of that damn thing.  it doesn’t seem to bother percy, she’s not scratching it or anything, but it bothers me.  particularly while reading about poor baby grace in the media at present.  some people really ought to be sterlised!

the second picture was drawn by percy’s 3 1/2 year old mate jack lonnon.  when he was told he was going to her birthday he spontaneously drew this picture, of her, for her, while stating that even tho he doesn’t like girls “percy is ok.”

28 weeks

May 14, 2009

28 weeks and counting to tally arrival.  yesterday i had an appointment with my gp to check stats.  it seems like such a lot of fussing around.  i really wish we’d been able to afford an independant midwife again.  health care thru my pregnancy with percy was a breeze compared to this time around.  there was nothing for me to do except still be awake when our midwife arrived for her evening appointments at our home.  i think i’ve had blood taken at least four times so far.  for what?  nothing that’s been communicated to me.  and a vaginal swab again yesterday- what’s that about?  i was also supposed to drink 500ml of poison an hour before the appointment so that something could be checked for diabetes.  oh blah!!  i kinda of tried but the psychological barrier of consuming these known yuck preservatives and that it was carbonated meant i couldn’t swallow more than one mouthful.  carbonated you ask?  yeah, i’m a bit of freak and don’t like bubbles, they often make me gag.  the poisons? preservative 201 (sodium sorbate) is associated with allergic reactions, kidney, liver and blood pressure problems and fluid retention, preservative 211 (sodium benzoate) is associated with asthma, urticaria, contact dermatitis, hay fever, mouth and skin irritation, hypractivity and anaphylaxis.  there was one more but i’ve forgotten it.

anyways, my gp didn’t seem at all bothered.  so why bother in the first place!  grrr.  i’m supposed to have fortnitely appointments from now on.  i think, because i am doing “shared care” between rpa birth centre and my gp, i’ll just tell each that i’m seeing the other.  unless i want to go.  i will go to the next rpa appointment just because i’ve only been there once and i’ve forgotten the easiest way to get there- we should put that detail in our memories.

i’m finding myself a lot more generally sore and lumpy this pregnancy.  it takes me three minutes to roll from one side to the other when lieing down, just to ease myself into it and avoid the sore bits.  i think i have a far lower level of fitness thru this pregnancy than with percy.  over the last two years the type and amount of exercise i’ve had would be “chasing after percy” and “as little as i can get away with.”  no bike riding, no yoga, no hiking… oh well, in years to come?  (ha ha)

tally is very active; i feel him moving at all times of the day and nite.  hope this doesn’t continue on the outside!  remember, we’ve booked for a good sleeper this time.  i can always tell 9pm- he stirs and thrashes about just then every day.  it’s quite funny.  i’m not doing the same thing at 9pm every day so what is prompting him?

well, on this topic, i ought go and fill in the form for our doula.  that we can afford.  i think i want a bit of a team rooting for me if we go for 48 hours of labour again.

it begins…

May 12, 2009

with dissolute parents it might not be that surprising to hear that percy has already begun swearing.  well, not really, that was a bit dramatic.

percy has picked up on “bugger.”  i didn’t think paul or i used it that often but it’s clearly the one that has stuck in her head.  i first recall her using it when she kicked off her boot while in the shopping trolley a few weeks back.  yesterday on the way home from day care she insisted on pulling off her socks and shoes, despite me telling her it was far too cold to have toesies exposed.  when she was unable to get the shoes back on she started chanting “bugger, bugger, bugger” to my muffled and chagrined laughter.  this morning we were on our way to the park pulling along her little wooden puppy dog.  every time she dropped the string, which was often, she’d say it again.  she kept looking at me with that sly, sideways smile she has too, knowing full well that i did not approve.  after asking her not to say it a couple of times i just ignored her; this seemed the more effective response.  i’m sure she’ll try it some more but perhaps with consistent ignorings from our side it will fall away.   or she’ll move on to something stronger!

on the topic of taking shoes and socks off and on she’s getting pretty adept at dressing and undressing herself.  it often takes a long time, which is irritating in the mornings when we have to get a shift along or miss out on breakfast at day care at 8am.  trousers are pretty easily pulled up and down, jumpers and cardigans pose no problem, t-shirts are fine, turtle necks aren’t mastered yet as she can’t get her head thru the right hole yet and she got her socks on by herself for the first time this morning.  she’s very insistent on “do it by myself”!

which all points to her readiness for toilet training too.  i had to hold her on the big toilet this morning for a pee as she didn’t want to sit on her potty.  perhaps we ought to get her one of those doova-hickeys that attach to adult sized toilets to stop kids falling in and some underpants.  hahhhh, just too lazy.  soon, very soon.

p.s. the transition to a big person bed has gone better than i anticipated.  on saturday she did not nap at all (arrrggghhh.)  we tried for two hours and then just got her up, so to speak, as she hadn’t actually lain down and carried on with the day.  bedtime was a little earlier as she was exhausted.  she dropped straight off and stayed in bed all nite.  sunday she napped in the cot at her gradnparents and each nite since she’s been happy to stay in bed despite being able to clamber out whenever she likes.  for nap today she played around a bit but after i left the room i only heard her moving and talking with a little whimper for ten minutes before i checked on her and she was fast alseep all tucked in.  i think she can pull her doona/quilt/comforter up more easily than she was managing with a sheet and blankets.  she’s just magnificent.