before tally birth date- technically.

which is a blessing because this pregnancy is really taking it out of me.  i saw our gp last week (and am going again next week) for a check up.  i find these check ups really odd, to the point of being a waste of time.  i blame jan.  jan, our mid wife during my pregnancy with percy, really cared about us.  she spent hours with us, really delving into all things pregnancy, birth and baby related.  an appointment with a gp is dictated by the clock.  i can’t understand why anyone would choose to see anyone except an independent mid wife… or yeah, that’s right- they cost over 4 grand.  bloody govt!  you see, independent mid wives can’t get insurance because the gov’t won’t give them medicare provider numbers.  so they need to charge accordingly- enough to cover all their life, and none of it can be claimed back by the preggo people/clients.

so jan has spoiled us.  getting back to appt; everything seems to be fine.  just my separating pubic bone to give me grief.   when i explained this pain and my self diagnosis of PSD doc pressed on the bone/ligament- i think the tears springing to my eyes convinced her it really hurt.  she gave me a referral to a physio, i suppose i really ought to dig that out and make an appointment.

i have made an appointment to see an acupuncturist.  this will be interesting.  never consulted an acupuncturist before.  tally is sitting breech at the moment.  i have read that there is an acupuncturist technique that enjoys a 70% success rate of turning breech babies.  i’ll give it a shot!  i’ve also read that the manual turning of babies by doctors, guided by ultrasound, is often unsuccessful (tho i have no figures) and painful.

i think lots of cat pose and kneeling with my bum in the air is also called for.  so dignified.

tally moves quite differently to how we remember percy moving.  he’s a “big” mover- mostly my whole tummy tumbles and undulates as his whole body moves about.  percy seemed a more precise or limb only mover- there was definate little, and not so little, hard bumps where she was pushing out a knee or a foot.

occasionally i’m freaking out that i’m not good enough to be a mother to one child, let alone two.  mostly i’m really looking forward to holding our new darling and feeling again that amazing tiny baby catch us in his spell of love and wonder.


paul commented some time ago that he is looking forward to the “why” questions from percy.  well she got him good last nite.

scenario:  at least two months ago paul tipped some old soup or some other left overs down the toilet for easier disposal than the garbage bin or sink.  last nite before her bath percy is sitting on the toilet while paul and i wait…


percy: “pappa, why you put your food in the toilet?”  (how did she remember this happening so many weeks before in the first place?!)

paul: “because it was bad.”

percy: “why?”

paul: “because it was old”

percy: “why you put your food in the toilet?”

paul: “to flush it away”

percy: “why?”

paul: “because it was easier than putting it in the bin.”

percy: “why?”

paul: laughing “because the food was old and it is easier to flush it away”

percy: “why you put food in toilet and not in the bin or the sink?”

paul: continuing to laugh “because it was too messy to put in the bin, it’s easier to flush it away in the toilet”

percy: “why?”

paul: “because it just goes ‘whoosh’ and it’s gone”

percy: “why?”

after a few more revolutions of this conversation and we eventually convinced her it was time to get in the bath tub.  phew!

speaking of batheing tho, percy has decided she doesn’t like baths or showers any more.  for the two nites prior to last nite she had neither.  she cried and screamed so that we gave up.  the only thing i can think that is causing this may be because she is fixated on having stamps and stickers on the backs of her hands.  she knows they are likely to wash off when she gets wet.  she really doesn’t like that idea!  yesterday i bought her some fairly flash stickers from the newsagent and explained before she melted down that if she has a nice bath or shower and washes all over she can have a sticker on her hand afterwards.  this seemed to work.  tho as i asked paul later she seemed happy to have a bath last nite anyways!  was my great ten dollar expense on stickers wasted?!

can’t wait to see what other ‘why’ questions we start getting now…

amber alert!

June 24, 2009

work is being very accomodating at present.  for these last two weeks i am working three days at home and have cab charges to get to and from work on the other two days.  this follows my sook on the steps at macdonaldtown train station that i was in too much pain to make it to the top.  cabbing it to and from the office certainly saves any worry about crying in a dank stairwell.  another worry does present itself tho.  the worry about DIEING!!!!

i swear the taxi driver yesterday was cut from the ukranian driving cloth.  why is it each amber light was regarded as a challenge to race up to, perhaps hoping to fly thru with an ‘up yours’ to the on-coming traffic, only to have a change of mind as the glaring red really couldn’t be denied any longer and the brakes slammed on?  i don’t think i’m a timid person but yesterday i was cowed into silence… knuckle-whitening, under pants-browning (nearly), face-paling, gill-greening silence.

funny thing was he was really cheerful when i shakingly handed over the cab charge and jelly-legged it out of there.  i sort of figured someone who drove with a constant death wish would be fairly sour to boot.  who can tell, hey?

i’m much looking forward to being home full time.

easy target

June 22, 2009

i went into ashfield mall at lunch time today to buy tally some little baby clothes as i think we might be a little short on the itsy-bitsy stuff.  the main entrance to the mall is always , i really do mean nearly every day, set up with some charity or another spruiking for donations.  which in and of itself i have no problem with.  i’m finding tedious tho what an easy target i am!  as a hat wearing, preggo person i stand out from all the short, uniformly-dressed-the-same, asian crowd that frequents ashfield mall.  so the spruikers are constantly calling out to me “what a lovely hat!”, “how long have you got to go?”, etc.  obviously intending for me to become interested in handing over my dosh.  i assuage the guilt of ignoring them by thinking of the two little kids we sponsor thru world vision, the regular and irregular donations we make to bicycle nsw, cancer council, life saving aust, house with no steps, pcyc, heart foundation, etc.

i’m convinced there is always a crowd of people tailing me in and out of there because they know they will be ignored if they follow the easy target.  that , or they’re checkin’ out my ass, right?!

nervous giggle

June 18, 2009

we sent an offer on a house to the real estate agent this morning.  he he he… umm… sigh…

no word yet.  i’m quite nervous about it.  as i described it to one friend- it’s a “run-down pile of poo-poo.”  which isn’t exactly fair.  it’s perfectly serviceable and functional.  tho small… and smelly from being shut up for a long time… and with strange out buildings and structures in the back yard… and decorated in the oddest, laughable wall paper, timber walls and ceilings…  ah well.  the plan, like so many home purchasing plans is to transform the ugly duckling into a glistening swan.  over time… with two little kids in the house… on one income… can you tell i’m nervous?

to balance the nerves i also feel quite bouyant and happy.  i prefer action and outcomes (even if negative) than sitting around wondering.  it will be a near version of heaven if we can get a nice house, in a beautiful garden with peace from external factors. 

bring on the debt!


June 17, 2009

ouchie! it hit with a vengence this morning.  i made it half way up the steps at macdonaldtown train station and stopped to call paul to have a sook.

pubis symphysis disfunction as it known has caused the ligament holding my pubic bone together to separate a few millimetres too much.  the subsequent movement of bits that ain’t normally supposed to move is causing strong to severe pain in my entire pubic/groin/butt area.  poor paulie had to listen to me cry to him that i was stuck halfway along the stairs!   of course he immediately said he’d come and get me but i just needed a bit of a sook and someone to listen before i made the second half.  as percy would say “mamma a bit sad.”

i did have this with percy too but not so that i felt like a cry on the way to work!  oh well, there’s nothing really that can be done, and work have said they’ll see about me working from home these last three weeks.  that would be nice but i do feel like a bother as it is only three weeks.  seeing my gp next week too, tho i know there is nothing really that can be done.

together again

June 16, 2009

percy arrived home yesterday evening and the world came straight again.

it was very odd to see her emerging from her grandparents car tho- almost as if i didn’t recognise her!  plus her speech and language appear to me to have leapt along in three days too.  can that be?

it was lovely to have a warm bath with her, her insisting on washing my big belly repeatedly before a cuddly bottle of milk and sleep time.

paul and i spent friday and saturday nites at a nice bed and breakfast in katoomba.  percy is enjoying (i trust) a long weekend with her grandparents. 

it’s very cold in katoomba this time of year.  (uh duh!)  we compensated by eating lots of food so we could get nice and fat.  he he he.  and generally being indoors most of the time.

it was very nice to watch the sun come up and tinge all the clouds and mountains in pink and gold on saturday morning.

it’s also very hard to live without percy.  we miss her terribly.  as much as we find her hard work and wish she was a little more compliant at times life is considerably emptier without her.  she’ll be back with us in a couple of hours- i can’t wait.  i have had to resist calling her as i know i would just race off to pick her up immediately.  while it’s not easy to do so it’s better for my peace of mind and stability to leave her alone.  well, not alone of course, she’s with her grandparents, and the dogs!  whom i not sure she doesn’t enjoy more.  and the baby stroller toy she latches onto the minute she walks in the door.  i think she is also having two visits to the preschool her grandmother teaches at too.  she’ll love playing with the big kids.

back to usual tonite…

what an enormous weekend for our little family!  well, it counts as enormous these days.

on saturday we inspected a house we thought we might buy out in the ‘burbs, with my mate mark and his daughter chloe.  mark did us the big favour of coming to look at the place with us because it’s on a very steep slope and is apparently running the risk of sliding down the hill!  great.  he was able to give a much more expert opinion on what’s wrong with the house, what needs fixing, how and probably most importantly, how much that would cost.  oh dear…  let’s not go into that!

on a happier note percy got to play with chloe for an hour while paul and mark climbed about the house and afterwards while we chatted on the roadside.  percy just loves playing with older kids.  luckily chloe, at eight, is one of the eldest in her group of cousins etc and is very happy to play with littlier kids.  they particularly enjoyed tossing bits of leaves, stick and moss off the deck of the house and watching them twirl away into the abyss (only sort of a joke) behind the house.  of course giving me heart palpitations but no harm came to either.

on sunday we took the train to central and the light rail to darling harbour, to attend the darling harbour jazz festival for a few hours.  percy delighted in catching the big train and then the little train.  she also loved a carousel ride with her pappa and freaking us out by insisting on running up and down the wooden steps alongside the water’s edge.  then jack (and his dad david and brother oliver) arrived which just made her day!  she chased him all over the play equipment calling out “jacky, jacky” and getting her white tights quite brown climbing and playing.  silly choice of ours i suppose to put her in white tights.  we then adjourned to tumbalong park for some lunch and jazz.  well, we adults sat down, the kids ran amok- ain’t that what’s s’pose to happen?  percy did sit to eat some lunch and feed baby oliver pieces of bread and sausage.  she likes to be helpful.  another hit was the binoculars jack brought with him.  percy was several times in danger of walking thru other people’s picnics as she backed up to look at us from far away, to see us up close.  thru the binoculars.  as you do.

we figured it was time to head home at 2pm, confident that percy would crash in the stroller after such an exciting, active morning.  not to be.  oh dear, what have we got ourselves in for?  not only did she not fall asleep in the stroller she didn’t go to sleep at all that day.  so she and paul had a shower together around 5pm after which she got into her party dress to go to pia’s farewell party that evening.  we thought for sure she would have a half hour doze in the car on the way. again no. 

again, some older kids at the party for her to play with and crackers to eat- hold the dip.  we only stayed a couple of hours and thankfully percy did fall asleep in the car at 8:30pm and transferred to her bed soundly.

on monday (phew) it was off to another party for new baby charlotte.  charlotte’s older sister annalee is only three weeks older than percy.  they were due within a day of each other but annalee decided to come a couple of weeks early and percy was 5 days late, hence the gap.  unfortunately we don’t get to see annalee very often so percy doesn’t remember her.  however, annalee’s mum, leanne is one of 10 siblings.  yes, ten!  most of whom have partners and children meaning lots of kids to play with again.

it’s absolutely yum going to leanne and husband david’s home because they always make the best food and absolutely piles of it.  real, home cooked, south east asian fare.  we gorged on spring rolls, soup, crispy pork, noodles, rice…  yummmmmmy.

heading home at 1:30pm percy fell asleep in the car.  i was wondering whether she’d stay up another day.  we got her home and into bed successfully for a total of 2 and half hours nap.  catching up methinnks?  i even ended up going in to her room to wake her as i figured she ought to get up then to get to sleep later.

what a very busy weekend for a little girl!  i’m wondering if we can plan some days where we don’t have to race off to get home for nap time.  not that i want percy to stop napping yet- far from it!!  but once or twice, if something really appeals to us that would benenfit from a whole day trip, rather than just a morning, that would be nice.

did i mention we also started toilet training this weekend?  perhaps not the wisest choice again given the huge amount of out-and-abouting we did.  it went pretty well.  i think i washed around 8 pairs of little undies (and trousers and socks) over the three days.  ha ha.  hopefully it goes well at day care today…

pictures of our fun weekend coming soon.

percy has been invited to a party by her friend jack.  unfortunately percy had to decline because she is already spending that weekend with her grandparents, while her parents spend the weekend in a luxury retreat for some time alone before chaos truly descends (have two darling kids at home.)

jack’s mum said this was particularly bad news as jack had listed off a few boys he wanted to attend and then specifically asked for percy.  see, everybody loves percy!  anyways, when i told paul she had been high on jack’s attendee list he agreed it was sweet but also that he would be keeping an eye on that boy!  growl, growl!!

i think it’s hilarious that paul will act the protective pappa role for percy one day.  i think at 2 years and 2 months, while jack is four, is probably a little young to worry about!