August 30, 2009

percy played her first game of tag yesterday.  it was really gorgeous to see her and paul chasing each other around the park, percy hollering at the top of her lungs “tag, you’re it!!”- quite often without actually having caught paul at all.


still here!

August 24, 2009

we have not vanished, just finding there is too little time, or consciousness to be thinking sage thoughts to add to here.

our son was born on 12 august.  with loving him, his big sister and getting our house purchase rolling (on top of all the usual life things) spare moments are used up entirely.

will fill in the past few weeks happenings when possible.  one thing that i will remark on now because it is remarkable is that paul is teaching percy to recognise letters.  she knows that the letter “p” is the beginning of her name.  she says “p! persephone devine wahltuch!” many times when reading stories or if she spots a p-plate on a car.  she doesn’t get that ‘devine’ and ‘wahltuch’ are separate words that start with different letters yet.  however she does know that ‘p’ is round with a tail that hangs down.  smart chookie.


August 9, 2009

i think little punky monkey might be experiencing a degree of anxiety about the changes going on around her.  those being of course tally’s imminent birth (still nothing happenin’) and now the packing up of our belongings in anticipation of moving.

while she is fully conversant on there being a baby in mamma’s tummy and what his name is and that he’ll be coming out one day i think she’s nervous about what this might mean for her.  generally she is behaving like usual except for being more clingy and sooky during the day.  her day care teachers have remarked that she is more prone to crying or being upset these last three or so weeks too.  which doesn’t help my mother guilt!  it seems at nite tho she is more upset.  we’ve had to get up to her most nites because she has woken and cried out and been crying, over the past fortnite.  she generally goes back to sleep within a few minutes but not always.  the nite before last we gave up at 1:15am and took her into bed with us.  i think she was having bad dreams; as i was sitting next to her bed reassuring her she kept muttering things like “…don’t want to eat it”, “…put it back in the toy box”, “…mamma, where are you?”  after this went on for half an hour it just seemed unlikely she would fall comfortably back to sleep alone.  of course having her in with us doesn’t really solve the ‘no-one’s getting any sleep’ issue.  she wiggles and kicks and snuggles until we fall off either side of the bed.  from 1:15am she finally fell asleep at 3am, to wake at 6am!  little minx.

from mid last week the house is also changing appearance each day as more boxes are filled and the furniture gets re-arranged.  we don’t want to over-load her with the information that we are going to leave this house and live somewhere new.  let her get used to having a little brother first.  we have told her we are going to a new house and we think she’ll like it because there will be lots of space for her to play.  but that’s about it.  nothing about changing her familiar suburb and day care.  there will be time for that.

so all in all i think she is experiencing a degree of anxiety that sometimes we can’t help her with.  being so achey and sore from pregnancy i can’t pick her up as much as previously added to which my patience is low and temperament is moody.  but she is still gorgeous and generous and beautiful and tells us all the time she loves us, plus shares her imaginary chocolate cake constantly!

recent pictures of percy

August 7, 2009

this is the new smile- no teeth and a smug sort of jutting jaw.  what will be next?

and learning to juggle in the bath…  sort of.