yesterday we had a great day out with emma, david, jack and oliver.

we started with a quick tour of the art gallery of nsw where percy liked the bronze and marble sculptures of the old masters.  she also pointed out the numerous ‘puppy dogs’ in the paintings, sometimes what the people were wearing and seriously noted that most of the paintings were too big to fit on the fridge!  to paul’s comment “i need a fridge big enough to fit my ruebens”, emma replied “i will pay you to go into bing lee and ask for that!”  cheeky.

then we went on thru the botanic gardens, spotting some baby ducklings, eating a late morning tea to arrive in nice time at the opera house for the afro beats show.  it was held in the utzon room which i thought was brave of them given how precious they are about the tapestry on the long wall.  percy surprised me by happily sitting in the middle of room without paul or i, surrounded by about 60 kids.  perhaps because she had jack next to her.  the show was quite good tho i missed portions of it to feed and change tally, who i should point out was a dear the whole day long.  even happily surrendering his dummy when percy completely lost it on the way home (something to write about another time.)

about ten minutes in percy knelt up turned around to where we we sitting towards the back and calmly and clearly called out “there’s vegemite on my finger.”  she was louder than the show and so earnest and sweet the whole room laughed.  it was one of those touching moments when, “yup, that’s my kid” is the only response.  oh, and of course paul, wading his way thru said 60 kids and carers with a wet wipe to clear away the offending infinitesimally small dot of vegemite on her finger.


best little man on the planet

November 26, 2009

talvin really is such a dear.  i know that’s a bit of a quaint word to use tho in this situation it seems to be the exact one to fit.  he’s a phenomenally happy baby nearly all the time.  since he started smiling about a month ago he is ready with a gorgeous, crunch-his-face-up, eyes creased into perfect half moons smile, all the time.  he’s also added giggling and laughing to the mix.  it’s totally infectious and enthralling at the same time.  sure, he can find his unhappy voice at times, and he’ll let it rip occasionally but it’s pretty uncommon and mostly easily quelled.  i’m not trying to keep him to any particular regime or routine.  i don’t care to.  trying to stick percy to a routine nearly drove me mad so why do that again?  he sorts himself out quite well, and whether it is second-time mother smarts or he is just easier to read i can tell most of the time what’s up and what he needs- boobie and sleep mostly!  i’m demand feeding, which at present means on both getting up from sleeps and on going down.  which is a lot during the day but so what?  it has also meant a lot during the night- at least three times, more often five times.  the last two nites i have kept it to three by rocking his cradle and lulling him back to sleep at the other two times he has woken.  hopefully, with persistance, he’ll learn to go back to sleep by himself giving me the blessed opportunity to sleep for more than an hour and half during any stretch.  again, while it is draining and affects my day time life, i’m not bothered.  bunging extra stress on myself just isn’t an option right now.

talvin is getting the rudiments of rolling.  he’s only rolled from his back to his side two or three times now, from last week.  if i place him on his side he can roll onto his back.  while he’s on his tummy he uses his arms to hold himself up fairly well.  added to which his neck muscles are developing well to give him good control of his head.  this morning i tried pulling him up by his arms from lieing to sitting.  he seemed to like this well enough, while still needing to hold on to stay seated.

he loves his big sister percy.  i’m constantly worried she’s going to bash him or smother him with her enthusiasm.  only one or two minor knocks so far!  he searches for her in the room when he can hear her (hearing her of course ain’t the problem!  not hearing her from five houses away might be possible if you are wearing ear plugs) and gives her a big smile.  i hope the friendship lasts their lifetimes.

baths are popular even if he has them at a temperature that would make me shiver!  we’ve discovered that percy likes quite hot showers and tally likes tepid baths.  tally kicks his legs and grasps around with his itty-bitty fingers in the tub.  might he be remembering his water birth?  i certainly remember it.  i was lieing in bed awake the other night (like every nite!) replaying it in my mind with a smile and even a little laugh.  it was quite easily the most amazing day of my life.

tally seems to be growing well and healthy.  he’s only been measured a couple of times since birth, the most recent two weeks ago which showed him to be steadily gaining weight and tracking somewhere just above average on the growth charts in his blue book.

i love my baby boy!!


November 12, 2009

we are waiting for our demolishers to finish with a particular machine on another site before they come to demolish the strange collection of structures we have in our back yard.  it’s starting to irritate me because i want to get on with the other things that have to wait until after demolition.  one being a lovely piece of lawn for punkers and tally to roll about on.

these are the strange structures we have in the back yard.  a gangway out to a first floor elevated dunny!  who would have thought it?  this house seems a mish-mash of put together things over many years.  pulling up the carpet in our bedroom on sunday revealed a hideous orange flower pattern lino underneath.  that came up to reveal newspaper laid over the floor boards.  the newspaper is actually quite exciting as it’s a great record of the time.  unfortunately i’m not into keeping 60 year old newspaper having neither the time, space nor inclination.  i’ve retained a small portion (that i’ll probably get sick of in a week or two and ditch anyways) that is dated 1951 and talks about a gastro plague in sutherland at the time and a man making a 40 000 pound fortune thru recycling.  who says recycling is a modern phenomenon?!

anyways, the sooner this junk is gone the better.

ok, that’s odd.  when trying to add the photos i get the message “file type does not meet the security guidelines, try another.”  huh?  maybe later



Vale Pi

November 11, 2009

our much beloved cat was euthanised last nite.

we don’t think he’d been well for a long time; he was getting thinner and slower week by week.  he’d always been a big, rangy cat with long legs and a big attitude.  lately he’s just been sleeping and sleeping and barely moving.  he hadn’t come in to say good nite to percy for ages.  he also took to peeing pretty much where he lay.  which unfortunately had me steaming mad.  cat piss has got to be one of the worst smells in the world, and he lay a good deal of the time under our bed.  on sunday paul yanked up the old carpet in our room to quell my constant complaints.  the smell is gone but now so is pi…

pi came to us nearly ten years ago when we supposedly rescued him from death by drowning, aka a box of kittens doing the rounds at a primary school because some parent was too stupid or lazy or poor to get their cat de-sexed.  we had some great adventures with him.  we think he most liked the two years we lived in jannali, backing onto a bush reserve where he was able to explore and despite numerous bells kill some natives-  oops.  dried up skinks behind the toilet is a bit of a suprise come cleaning day.  one day he came into the house and meowed at paul until he was enticed outside.  pi seemed beside himself with joy, he continued to meow as he leapt down into the bush, checking all the time that paul was following him.  he was just like a child with some new wonder to share with their parent.  it was hilarious to watch.  we thought from this that pi would especially enjoy living here in oyster bay- our lot again being so blessed with trees, down to the creek and natives.  sadly he wasn’t well enough to enjoy it.

the vet confirmed via blood tests and an ultrasound that something was pretty badly wrong with his liver and that his quality of life would continue to deteriorate until a quite painful death in the not too distant future.  paul brought his body home yesterday in a lovely dark blue velvet bag with a gold tassle.  he seemed to just be sleeping; his eyes still open, his body still warm.  while we had our disagreements and i’d threatened plenty to have him done away with the very next time he took a shit in the shower i didn’t mean it.  he was always so lovely, curled on our laps at tv time or on our feet on cold nights.  he loved milk so that we’d tease him about his little milky chin, all soggy and happy.  he was also a very handsome cat and sometimes austere.  his slitted brilliant green eyes watching all that passed by.

we picked a spot in the back yard to bury him.  hmmm… not to be.  the back yard is so over grown and thick with trees that after brushing away the leaf litter the shovel would only go in an inch before hitting a tree root.  everywhere.  it’s doesn’t have to be a big hole to bury a 4 kilo cat (down from his previously healthy 7 kgs) but it does have to be more than the leaf litter.  we’re going to try somewhere in the front yard tonite, tho i think the same problem will recur.  meanwhile he’s in a cool spot under the house.

driving home from parents group today percy said she wanted pi.  hmmm again.  not the ideal spot to explain death to a toddler- in busy traffic coming thru rockdale.  well, i did what i think is right and didn’t moddy-codle it.  i said that pi has been sick for a while and despite having gone to the doctor he didn’t get better, he had died.  he wouldn’t be about to feed and play with any more and that it’s okay if this makes her feel sad.  i said we are going to bury him tonite in the garden and that she could say good bye if she wanted to.  she took this all with great aplomb even stating that she will help pappa dig the hole.  who can predict toddlers?

we could predict pi tho.  we always knew he’d come for a cuddle once the kids were in bed, we knew he’d hassle us for milk until we gave in, we knew he would live a big, rambuctious life for years and years and years… except we didn’t know and he didn’t.


November 10, 2009

percy got four big sticks of chalk last week.  (now that we actually have some pavement where it is safe for her to draw)

she’s really gotten into it…  (and who needs pavement!!?)chalk! 004chalk! 006chalk! 011

p.s. our camera got dropped last week and while everything else seems to be working well, the focus is blurry.  must find a camera repair person.


November 5, 2009

percy went trick or treating from her friend finn’s house on saturday.  by default so did paul, tally and i.  and also by default so did twice as many parents as kids.  there are some very lovely and generous people living in enmore.  so far we have managed to only have one lolly per day.  in fact percy may be has inherited my dislike of lollies and strong preference for unadulterated chocolate.  each lolly she has tried as ended up in a container in the fridge “for later”.  none of which she’s returned to.  she just likes chocolate!

percy was given a cute little bumble-bee costume from one of her grandma’s children’s parents.  (does that make sense?  percy’s grandmother is a pre-school teacher, sometimes the children’s parents give her things.)  it was cute that rose too had come dressed in a bumble-bee costume.  the two little girls in matching outfits- awww.

at finn’s house during bbq and play time prior to trick or treating percy latched on to a toy shopping cart.  she insisted on taking this as her trick or treat collecting receptacle instead of a more modest bucket or bag.  well, she’s nothing if not positive and ambitious!

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