Emma and David’s challenge

December 21, 2009

we had a lovely lunch with emma and david and their two boys on sunday.  percy we think is going to marry jack.  then we got on to speculating about be the parents-in-law for each others children- hmmm…

anyways, part of our conversation was a continuation of one that they had been having earlier in the week- name ten contemporary, practicing architects.  at the time i could barely think of one.  to mitigate my stupidity i do want to say i was breastfeeding, watching percy not fall down the stairs, and otherwise enjoying lunch.  last nite i did sit down and try to meet the challenge.  here’s my list, off the top of my head, with no external help of any sort…


Harry Seidler (deceased)

Jan Gehl

Jan Utzon (deceased)

Renzo Piano

Frank Lloyd Wright (deceased)

Christopher Alexander (deceased)

Walter Burley Griffith (deceased)

so i made eight, six of whom are certainly not practising!  what a dismal result.  the thing is thru work i’ve met dozens of architects and read about scores more.  mostly they are not famous or recognised for a particular building but that wasn’t the criteria.  just need architects that are breathing and could take a commission.  can’t remember a single one of them.  oh dear.

to make it worse we agreed at lunch, that we probably wouldn’t have a moments pause to reel off actors/actresses, popstars or even sports people.  can i name a single scientist, beyond einstein, tho? (well a couple have just popped into my head; hawking, bell, marconi, pastuer, curie)  what about painters? modern painters.  dancers, sculptors, writers, playwrights, poets, engineers, doctors?  those professions and crafts we value most (we being the four of us around the table and most likely most of our friends) we cannot highlight the talents and the stars that weave their wonder around us.  the reason the crass and the slapstick and the 15 minuters are recallable but not the life-long dedicators?  lowest common denominator i say.  the same thing that sells woman’s day and famous magazines and that headlines the news bulletins.  trash, voyuerism, tall poppy syndrome and the bizarre desire by too many people to safely watch the train wreck of other people’s lives from the sidelines.  media celebrities (i’m lumping most popstars, actors, sports people, reality participants and the like into this category) are able to be consumed in byte sizes.  the twenty year toil to cure, discover, build, learn, elucidate, teach, move or create is not able to be quickly consumed.

have said all that, i might come back later and see if i can think of 10 names to assign to each catergory.  after i care for my children.


one-kid-in-nappies house

December 10, 2009

percy, as you know, has been daytime nappy free for months.  upon last weekend’s return from andi and mike’s wedding, percy remarked to paul when he was dressing her for bed that the nappy was too tight.  it is the right size for her age but so what; paull replied, maybe you are too big for nappies now.  she agreed and hasn’t worn one for the past three nights.  of course she has been dry thru the nite for months too but i was paranoid and ill looking forward to washing lots of sheets etc.  so far, so good.  we make a point of taking her to the toilet first thing on getting up- no playing or other things first.  reciting the mantra “mamma and pappa go to the toilet first thing when they get up.”  what is it about being a role model for all behaviour?  my behaviour is awful sometimes!

so just tally to toilet train now!  this summer?  ha ha.  we have a stock of prune juice in the cupboard now since his last remarkable effort of not poo-ing for three weeks!  the blessed release on monday was met with glee and congratulations.  who was quite being congratulated was not important- the kid pooed!  after three weeks of storing it up!  tally, i do apologise now for any embarrassment this entry causes you in future years.  in those same future years should you have children yourself you’ll understand the significance of talking about your bowels habits.