A Hundred Things

January 27, 2010

there have been a hundred things, a thousand things, (even a million things) that i’ve wanted to write about over the past six months.  mostly unfortunately i haven’t.  i haven’t because i’m not good at writing in 15 minute bursts.  i need contemplative time and quiet to feel satisfied with my missives.  i take great joy and comfort and renewal and self-satisfaction from writing; but only if i do it well.  (of course “well” is a subjective thing and to date i’ve only been able to measure myself against my own judgement.  perhaps one day i will try to publish, only then to learn what sort of a job i’m able to make of it.)

i’ve wanted to write about the amazing learning curve that is parenting.  the astonishing beauty and intellect that is percy.  the unabashed joy and wonder that is tally.  and also many other daily things that cross my mind, stir my thoughts, unleash my emotions and generally make me want to ruminate, espouse, pontificate, examine or just record.

i will get to all this one day.  perhaps when tally sleeps more.  in the mean time let me say that percy is now nearly three and as was laughed about a little while ago “going on 30.”  she is just too smart for her own good, definately for our own good!  we can’t slip a single thing past her.  tally continues to reach those gorgeous baby milestones in his own time- smiles, laughs, baths, pools, standing, eating, charming everyone.

i’m charmed, but i’m also smelly and tired.  shower and to bed for me.  it’s only 7:35pm??- so what!