April 29, 2010

happiness is watching your 3 year old and 8 month old playing together in the sun on eighty square metres of freshly laid grass where for six months previously there was concrete, broken glass, bricks, weeds and other debris.

our yard is coming together.  i’m so pleased.  there’s still heaps i’d love to do but the really important elements are finally in.  i just hope the grass lives and thrives.  i’m quite adept at killing all manner of green things.


adults only…. room

April 19, 2010

we have been having a very difficult time recently with little percy.  she’s decided she doesn’t like to sleep alone or in her own bed.  at bed time she will ask for more songs and more drinks of water until we put our foot down, then she will sook and whinge and cry for ages for a “grown-up to stay with me.”  we’ve determined it’s not a fear of monsters because the solution to that threat is to “stick them up our bums, poo them out and flush them away.” (yippee) it’s not the dark, that’s never been a problem.  it’s not something specific about her bed “i just don’t like it,” even tho she picked it out.  it seems an indescriminate “i just don’t want to be alone.”  poor chook, i’m not going to belittle her feelings or her fears.  i remember when i was about eleven the reality and unavoidability of my own mortality hit me very squarely in the brain one day.  my mother tried to soothe me somewhat but my dad just said i was stupid and not to think about it.  i couldn’t say now which thought kept me waking more, that i will, without a doubt, without a glimmer of dodging possible, die one day; or that my father thought i was stupid and bereft of feelings or thoughts worth acknowledging.

back to percy; i really do sympathise with her not wanting to be alone.  i’ve thought about the way we arrange our sleeping ever since she was born.  i do think it’s odd that two supposedly capable  grown-ups refuse to sleep apart yet we expect a little child still finding their way thru emotions and the world to be alone for ten or twelve hours every day.  we have discussed getting a king sized bed and keeping us altogether.  unfortunately our experiences with percy are that she ends up sideways in the bed with her feet pummelling one grown up and her elbows and hands pummelling the other.  even a king bed would not solve this!

at 2am last night percy woke yet again and plaintively cried out for us.  in the desparation that continuous lack of sleep will create percy came to sleep with me while paul slept in her bed.  this morning i had a “serious talk” with percy about what might keep her happy in her own bed all nite long.  we decided that if tally slept in her room she would be happy.  (it also helps that monsters are frightened of little babies – did you know that?) so this morning i spent a while shifting the toy box and other toys into the play room (half the living room), tally’s cot into percy’s room, tally’s clothes and nappy changing paraphenalia into percy’s room and reverting our room into an adults room!  it’s a welcome pleasure to have our room looking less like a branch of baby kingdom and more like an adults abode once again.  of course i’ll go to bed tonite and have a little cry about it.  there won’t be a cot in our room again- unless tonite goes drastically askew and i move tally back in again tomorrow!

which isn’t to say the kids are banned from our room.  i’ve always found that weird that parents rooms become no-go zones for children.  if no other reason, our bed is the only one sturdy enough for percy to jump up and down on!

i’m not sure how we are going to work the bedtime routine tonite, given that tally is in bed and supposed to be asleep generally a half hour before percy.  perhaps we can stretch him and pull her in a bit and put them both down together.  also if he wakes and cries a lot thru the nite; then what?  will percy wake too?  i’m only encouraged to do this room swap because last nite tally woke at 11:30pm, had a big drink of milk, went straight back to sleep, woke at 4am, had a small drink of milk, went straight back to sleep and the woke for the day at 6am.  two easy wakes are the best we’ve had in 8 months.  i’m crossing my fngers for plain sailing.

as an aside, queen victoria never spent a night alone.  she went from wet nurses and nannies to sharing her bed with an aunt to her marriage bed, until she was sadly widowed, then i’m don’t know what happened.  there you go, hey?

all weaned (take two)

April 9, 2010

i actually wrote this entry prior to the “cops callin” one but it’s not here.  weird. do posts just vanish like that?

anyways, what i said was that tally has fully weaned from breastfeeding. which is somewhat sad and somewhat liberating. all this week he’s barely been sucking while yesterday he actively pulled back or just played with my nipples with his fingers!  that’s not what it’s about boyo!  i think it’s quick to go from trying a sliver of orange at five and half months to fully weaned at eight.  percy breastfed to thirteen months and i think i was just expecting a similar time with tally.  oh well.  perhaps i’ll mark the occasion by treating myself to a new bra- a non-nursing one!

cops a’callin’

April 9, 2010

i’m waiting for the police to arrive.  they are to take my version of events from the accident.  after that they will decide if i’m to be charged with anything or what my penalty might be.  i hope it’s little to nothing as we can’t afford one penny more.  here’s a cautionary tale for you…

this is a list of the insurances i believe i have:

house and contents, health, landlords, life, third party personal, ambulance, kids accident. unfortunately not third party property.  why not?  well when we moved to oyster bay we requested early access to the property, prior to the settlement period being up.  part of the agreement to this was the requirement by the vendor that we get insurance on the property.  no insurance company will give you just a months worth of house and contents insurance.  what was worked out was get a policy that is ‘paid-by-the-month’ and cancel it when no longer requred.  so we did this.

also upon moving we set up a wizz-bang computer software program to load all our finances into so we can see all income and all expeditures  (little of one and heaps of the other, ha ha) in transferring all the info in we saw this pay by the month insurance, assumed it was third party property car insurance and labelled it as such.  which means for the past six months we’ve been paying for an insurance we haven’t needn’t but been without one we should have had.  darn.  at present the estimate to repair the other guys car is $9000.  we are waiting for the final bill.  so if anyone has nine grand they are sitting on and don’t mind never seeing it again we’d love to have it.  go check your insurances everyone!!