getting well behind

May 24, 2010

i’m only writing now because tally is napping, percy is watching teev and i’ve stuck two fingers up at all the house work and telephone calls and research i’m supposed to be doing.

i should get percy off the telly and do something mind expanding with her but i’m too tired.  poor chook doesn’t know it but she’s the equal main reason i’m so tired.  hte other equal main reason is tally being up much of the night.  just when we thought we might be seeing some improvement he’s got a snotty nose and is having trouble sleeping again.  so when i wasn’t up with tally i was lieing in bed trying to sleep with a very discomfitted right eye.  it was an accident but percy stuck two fingers into my eye socket last night while cuddling over bed time stories- i’m pretty sure she scratched something deeply.  i couldn’t tell by looking but my eye streamed tears ’til 1:30am and moving my eyelid or looking in different directions was quite hurty.  funnily enough at 1:30am i went into paul and asked if he could help settle tally as my eye was too distracting to do it myself.  i had an hours proper sleep in our bed with percy and that seems to have been enough to mend it.  it still feels like i’ve got a big eyelash caught under the lid but completely ignorable now.

i should explain our sleeping arrangements.  or should i…? ha ha.  tally is in the cot in the kids room, percy sleeps in our bed because we want her toget a good nights sleep regardless of how often tally is up and we take turns either sleeping with percy in our bed or in percy’s bed in the kids room, to look after talvin.  i don’t think we’ve had adults in one bedroom and kids in the other for more than two weeks now.  it’s going to be a battle, i predict, to get percy back into her room and bed when tally finally sleeps enough to allow it.  ‘course that could be months away… oh dear.

anyways, lots of gorgeous things have been happening with tally which hopefully i’ll get to list shortly.  percy is boggling us with her smarts a lot of the time and trying our patience with her tantrums at other times.  i’m very much fluctuating between enjoying their company and finding it all too hard.  if i could forget other things going on in our lives at the moment i think we’d be happier but that’s life, hey?  our dickhead neighbours won’t move away and our potential move to canada is totally and utterly out of my control.  these two things, and the myriad mix of related matters cause me a lot of grief-  grrrrr!

can you believe tally is nine months old?  he’s been longer out than in now!  it’s very entertaining how parents are so different the second time around.  well, at least we are.  i think the best example of this is in what goes into tally’s mouth.  with percy we sterilised things and introduced foods one at a time, gradually.  tally?  ha ha!  he’s been drinking unboiled tap water from six months, we’ve never sterlised anything and he eats what the rest of the family does. except one time i made something with satay sauce and realised he probably shouldn’t have that just before i put it on his plate- thank goodness for pasta that cooks in 3 minutes!  having said that we are not permitting him nuts, honey or strawberries yet.  he has had little amounts of egg and soft cheeses.  no deleterious effects yet.  he does love ham which i’m not too keen on given the high salt and preservative content but oh well, for now.

i’ll get him weighed and measured soon, just to check he’s on track.  he does seem wonderful to me.  his smile is whole face and body; it’s heart-wrenchingly lovely.