getting married

June 23, 2010

conversation this afternoon:

percy: i want to get married.

me: aren’t you a little young?  you usually don’t get married until you are grown up.

percy: you can get married at any size.

me: well, who would you like to marry?

percy: joe.

me: oh, ok, he’s very nice.  do you like him lots?  you have to like whoever you marry lots and lots and lots and lots and lots.

percy: who will marry tally?  can joe marry tally?

me: no, you can only marry one person at a time.

percy: who can marry tally?

me: what about rose?

percy: yes!  who will marry tess?

me (sigh): what about max?

percy: yes!  who will marry izzy?

me (sigh again:) what about finn?

percy: yes!

thankfully at this point tally needed attention and i could get out of any more match making.  andi and mike?! i blame you for this conversation and quite a few like it; ever since we attended your wedding percy has been fixated with marriages!


vegie garden

June 22, 2010

despite the crud that is in this ground, this is to become our vegie patch!  yippee.  what’s in the ground?  broken glass, broken tiles, broken bricks, broken roof tiles, styrofoam, concrete re-o, broken concrete, rusted metal tools, rocks of all sizes, weeds, plastic bags, old pot plants, just about everything!  oh, also poor old pi cat was buried somewhere in this vicinity too.

i’m envisaging building up beds of soil to plant in, not digging down.

can’t wait to see those little seeds break thru and eventually harvesting green beans, parsley, basil, tomatoes, carrots, corn, strawberries, lettuce, pumpkins, mint… gasp, gasp, and everything else!!  yummo.

i will try to take progressive photos to show the changes.

how old are you?

June 5, 2010

percy knows full well she is three, she knew full well before her birthday she was two.  but get this (yes, i’m boasting, can’t hurt that much can it?) this eveing paul was reading the label on the cough medicine bottle and this conversation ensued:

paul: “percy, are you aged over 12 years?”


“are you aged between six and 12 years”


“are you bewteen two and five years?”

“yes, i’m three.”

i think that’s pretty good for a three year old.