November 17, 2010

for many weeks now tally has been trying out new sounds and proto words.  my favourite is “good -bye”, or as tally says it “buuuyyyee!!”  with a lovely frantic waving of his arm or arms.  he also loves kisses.  he will smack his lips together and make a “pop” sort of noise at the least possibility of getting or giving a kiss; if some one says “kiss” or if he sees other people kissing.  he is a bit over-enthusiastic a lot of the time; his kisses are big, open mouthed affairs that can leave a fair bit of baby drool on your cheek, mouth, head, arm, leg, whatever happens to be the focus of his affection at the time.  i adore each and every one!

he’s also a wonderful hugger- throwing his arms around you and clinging on, repeatedly.

i hope he starts using some new words other than ‘mamma’ soon.  ‘mamma’ is the default word for everything- “i want”, “i don’t want”, “pick me up”, put me  down”, “carry me over there”, “bring me …. whatever!”  the universal command for all these things and much more is “Mamma!” on a rising crescendo and repeated until said action is carried out.  he’s learning a couple of sign language signs so hopefully more linguistic skill will shortly follow.



November 9, 2010

did i mention we got some chickens a couple of months back?  they are very sweet natured, as proven by allowing themselves to be picked up by percy and carried around the back yard like dolls.  they just lay placidly in her arms until she lets them go again.  we are encouraging her to just pat them instead of picking them up because they went from laying an egg each a day to just one a day.  i think they may be feeling a little stressed.  or we aren’t feeding them enough.  they plough thru food!  it feels good to give everything the kids don’t eat to the chooks.  at least the kids eat eggs!

tally nov 2010

November 6, 2010

yesterday we took tally to his appointment with the gastro doctor.  it felt a bit like taking the car to the mechanic and saying “it’s got a weird clunk in the back”, but no clunk is discernible while the mechanic drives the car.  tally has been spew free for a week.  it’s great news and hopefully it lasts forever but it doesn’t explain why he spewed so much over the past six months.  we have a referral to get blood tests done anyways.  to rule out things like coeliac disease.  there is a list of four on the referral paper but darned if i can understand one jot of it – EUL / LFT / (mess!) FBC / (huh?) / BIL  and so it goes on.  i will ring on monday to make an appointment at the hospital.  we also have instructions to load his food with butter and other such high calorie things!  it’s kinda funny that i’m wanting to lose weight and find the will power to avoid fats etc and the time to exercise, while tally needs to seriously gain weight.  go figure huh?  we also have the number of a baby nutritionist.  fun and games…

the lovely big news for today is that tally started walking unassisted!  go tal-bal!  so far a handful of three or four steps on his own but i’m sure he’ll be off and away too soon for me to keep up.