life cycle

February 14, 2011

i’m not sure percy has an age-appropriate grasp on the cycle of life.  she freaks me out sometimes with her questions and understanding (sometimes very confused) about a persons progression thru life and our relationships with each other.  at nearly four years old, shouldn’t she just be happy to be playing and being loved?  for example, here’s the conversation we had this morning:

percy: who looked after me when i was a little tiny baby?

me: i did, just like i do now and with tally too.

percy: who would look after me if you died?

pappa would

and if pappa died?

well, granma and grandad, or oma and opa, or uncle karl and aunty sindy.

what if all those people died?

probably some very nice person would take you.  like sarah and chris, or someone like them.

what if everyone died?  who would dig the holes?


the holes to be dug, what would happen? for the people to go into.

oh, right, well, there are over 6 billion people in the world, that’s a huge amount of people, more than i can count, i’m sure there will always be someone around.

and lots of animals!  they have claws, they can dig.

“yes, now who wants breakfast, i’m starving!”

and keen to stop the conversation.  does anyone else have these conversations with their pre-schoolers?  as i’ve mentioned before i’ve had to explain WWII to her, now death and burial, she’s fixated on marriage; we’ve had conversations on same-sex marriage and bigamy and waiting until you’ve grown up to think about these things, she’s asked me about the difference between boys and girls; beyond the physical, and other similar things.  sometimes i’m just relieved when she asks me to help her dress her dollies!  perhaps tho if we cover it all now, there won’t be so many things to cover when she’s older.


she said what?

February 14, 2011

a few more percy-isms i just have to record…

“are you happy married?”  following a discussion that to get married you have to find the person that you are going to love for ever and ever.  percy stating in quick succession that she will marry; joe, rose, max and tessa when tessa grows up a bit.  hmmm…  

also “i want to get married twice.”  once is plenty honey!

today “i want to be a doctor that makes kids fixed,”  “first i’ll be a teacher,” “i’ll be a doctor that works at nite to fix kids,” then, “i’ll have a baby come out of my tummy first when i’m a teacher, then i’ll be a doctor.”

question from percy “how old are you?”  answer from me “35 years” response from percy “i don’t believe it!!”

and this one: “i’m totally in the bible.”  i just had to sit down and ask her to repeat that until i understood.  what she actually meant was  “i’m unreliable.”  where she got that from i’m not sure because i’ve not told her she is unreliable.  i’d stick with the bible, just for the laughs of it.

tally at 18 months

February 8, 2011

well tally will be 18 months old on saturday.  today we went back to the gastro specialist for our follow up appointment from october last year.  he has gained weight at least- he’s now 10.4 kilograms which puts him in the 10-25 percentile range, and he’s 84cm tall which is bang in the middle.  the good news to take from this is that he is on the scale at least for weight, instead of under it.

the gastro dr has advised we double his dosage of reflux medication, as 5mg twice a day is apparently very low for his weight.  she has also given us a referral to have a barium study done.  swallow some goop and take pictures as it travels down to be sure no twists in his gut.  i’m sure we, as a family, are NOT going to enjoy that experience.  finally we have a telephone number for a speech pathologist.  in the spirit of learning something new everyday i learnt today that speech pathologists also deal with eating and swallowing issues.  our issue is that tally never chews.  he swallows everything as it enters his mouth.  we do make most of his food mush or very tiny pieces however we think the unchewed food contributes to his prediliction to vomitting.

so i shall be making some ‘phone calls tomorrow to make what undoubtably will be, expensive appointments.

i should also mention tallly is walking perfectly now, using some signs very well and learning a few words.  he’s a joy and a delight.  he laughs so heartily and hugs so strongly.  it’s just bliss.

climate and language

February 2, 2011

here’s a theory i cobbled together this morning.  it’s got no scientific backing or research behind it, just me thinking as i swept the porch.

this theory is prompted by a few things i have been exposed to over the last few days.  most obvious is the high temperatures we’ve been living thru this week, second is the lovely lady i met at the indoor play centre on tuesday where we had retreated to, seeking relief in an air-conditioned place, third is my re-reading of micheal crichton’s “state of fear” and fourth was watching the angelina jolie movie “salt”, in which russian is spoken on occasion.

the russian and icelandic languages contain a lot of words that should we hear the same spoken in english we would find the russian or icelandic word very long.  my theory is that in those parts of the world with cold climates and winters lasting eight or more months language developed that took a long time to speak.  the peoples of these cold climes have an oral history, telling long stories to while away the dark days.  just look at the viking and welsh ballads!  there’s not much else to do when the dark and the snow descends so why get your entertainment (telling stories and singing songs) over in a hurry?  so what if a story takes two days to tell?  got somewhere you need to be in a hurry?  one way to lengthen the story is to use words that take a long time to speak.

on the other hand, peoples from warm or even hot climes in addition to stories also have a strong movement and dance tradition.  stories support the culture but dance and stories told thru movement seem to be more important.  hence, goes my theory, words did not lengthen and lengthen over time to keep the story going.  my new friend has a swahili (if i remember correctly!) surname, and it’s short and beautiful and evokes warm climes and exotic dark limbs moving together in dance, to the sound of instruments, not voices.

does climate influence language?  i think so, isn’t there 40 or 50 words in innuit languages to describe snow? (or is that just “hitch hikers” getting into my head?!)