earth girls are easy

June 9, 2011

or at least i think they are compared to earth boys!  i’m still undecided if it is a boy thing or a second child thing or just the different personalities of my two darlings but percy was far easier to influence and direct than tally is proving to be.  some examples: i told percy more than a year ago if she runs onto a road or doesn’t hold my hand when we walk across a road there’s a good likelihood she will be hit by a car and killed.  she got this and behaves very well on roads, tally on the other hand (!) thinks it’s a great joke to tear up the driveway and burst onto the road the moment he is let out of the front door- continuously.  back in erko we had our hundreds of books on bookshelves ranged about the house.  percy pulled a few shelves down once and was reprimanded and asked not to do that again, and she never did.  i’m kind  of thankful that all our books are in storage for this year or two because i’m sure i’d be packing away books all day long, every day if tally could get to them.  percy understood the requirement for warm jumpers and enclosed shoes in her first winter, tally screams blue murder if you try to put anything but sandals on his feet (yes, he looks very stylish in long, thick socks and sandals) pulls off his slippers and socks at the first opportunity and is a struggle to get into anything beyond a singlet.

sure, percy is challenging and difficult in more a negotiating, having control of her environment, asserting her will and understanding that other people require things in life that she must contribute to, way.  for instance she needs to pee and get dressed promptly in the morning so mamma can get her to day care in time to also get to her train in time, to get to work in time.  we are seeing improvement…

overall i do find having to tell or request of tally the same thing repeatedly thru the day and day after day, wearying.  i know it won’t last forever but it is lowering my patience quotient quickly.

hence, in my experience, earth girls are easier than boys!