career change

October 27, 2011

so, big news!  having an early mid-life crises, assuming i’ll live to more than 72.  actually i don’t think it’s any sort of crises at all.  still, big news!

 (note: i use the word “so” too often.  if i left in all the “so’s” before publishing you’d stop reading this blog; quite a few get edited out.  i think i picked it up when i was flying; all the austrian crew said it all the time.  maybe i’m ethnically inclined to pick up the usage, what with being mostly german and what with austrians and germans being much the same people- don’t tell the captain!

on the other hand, i love using punctuation marks and i won’t stop!   think we all should use a lot more punctuation.  spice up your sentences and messages and put your personal twinge on it.)

so!  (ha ha, just kidding!)  the big news is i’ve quit my job.  first time ever in my working life i’ve put in my notice with nothing to put my hand to next.  hummm, errr, ok.  mostly.  i know my working life would generally be counted as a short one.  i’ve been having a tilt at this town planning thingo for 15 years now.  tho i would like to claim my working life, with real responsibility started when i was six years old.  there was a considerable hiatus from age six to sixteen but at six i put myself to work at the caravan park my parents managed.  i don’t recall being asked to do that job i just wanted to, i’ve been a pushy thing all my life!  (i prefer to think of it as supremely well organised and nearly always right now, thank you)  what job was it?  i answered the telephone and made bookings for people to holiday at the park, i manned the office when mum and dad were away and allocated spots to drive-in holiday makers and i led people to those allocated spots.  i did wonder later what the grown-ups used to be thinking when they were driving slowly down a dirt road with a scrubby six-year-old marching ahead of them to show them where to park their ‘van.  or when they were greeted in the office with my piggie-tails sticking out and me probably picking a scab on my knee.  (i didn’t have the finer points of personal presentation in the fore front of my mind at that time.)  i never fucked it up either; never made double bookings, never put people in a spot they wouldn’t fit, always checked whether they’d like to be nearer or further away from the amenities block, near the play ground, how much space they needed to manoeuvre the ‘van, etc. 

mum and dad were often away from the office because they had other duties about the park and mum ran the household too.  one of the things dad did was build a fantastic playground for all the kids that came to the park.  this ‘van park was in blairgowrie on the mornington peninsula, south of melbourne.  during the school holidays it was packed!  really packed!!  there was a large house with substantial outside areas that as the manager’s family we had the run of.  during peak times even these outside areas filled up with caravans and tents too- i wonder if that was legal?  so all the parents of all the kids (there i go again, another “so”) and the kids themselves, were very happy to have a great jungle gym built right next to the bbq tables.  i’m sure it would be an oh&s nitemare now but we loved it.

where was i?  job quitting… well, i’ve got a little under four weeks to go before i’m unemployed.  i haven’t been unemployed in a long time.  i’m not scared yet.  i’ll probably wake up in cold sweats in three weeks time.  the hiatus from when we left the caravan park when i was eight years old (two years that i do like to revisit in my memory, might write about it later) to when i left my parents home at age 16 was pretty much filled with school- so i wasn’t slacking off, a’right?  upon leaving home i picked up some cash-in-hand cleaning jobs, to supplement the $120 a week austudy i was entitled to, to pay the rent.  let me make clear there are not a lot of jobs for a 16 year old in glen innes.  even the only fast food place, the tiniest kfc you’ve ever seen, didn’t open up until after i left town.  since starting uni I’ve had a job ever since.  i feel i’m some what justifying getting to 36 and choosing to be unemployed, by citing the past 30 years have been filled with endeavours of one kind or another.

i will say now that there is a plan; i’m not choosing to be unemployed, i’m choosing to start something new.  it gives me butterflies to think about it, i’m really excited and i’m out to prove something.  stay tuned!


two in the bed

October 26, 2011

last saturday (22nd october 2011) paul and i re-arranged the kids bedroom while they were spending the day at their grandparents home.  we had primed them prior, so they new they’d be coming home to a change.

what was so important it required a couple of hours of hefting and lifting and fiddling and cleaning?  the answer is ‘new sleeping arrangements’!  tally has outgrown the cot.  the cot does have an additional bit that will stretch it to a small single bed but, as you might remember, percy occupies a double bed all on her ownsome.  not any more she don’t.  now percy and tally sleep across the double bed together. 

that is, when they do actually sleep.  paul very wisely kept the mattress from the cot and stored it under percy’s bed.  on this mattress, on their bedroom floor, is where we finally got tally to fall asleep on sunday nite.  then we lifted him back into the big bed.

there is no cot in our house now.  it’s packed down in the shed.  (well, it’s sort of packed down in the shed.  even with my superior packing skills i couldn’t get all the parts back in the original box.  even with paul’s superior “googling it” skills, he couldn’t find any tips or instructions.)  with foresight that was i’m sure unintended and unrealised paul got the cot into pieces, ready for packing, before i was free to help.  i had no opportunity to say goodbye.  say goodbye to a piece of furniture??!  well, yes.  both our babies slept in that cot and i’ve stood beside it rocking tousled heads, singing atrociously or leaned over it stroking brows and gazing with stupefied exhausted love at our babies for more hours than i can count.  it has an attached significance because of the precious cargo it carried, far beyond its use as a nice looking cot.  once it was busted up into its different parts, it kind of wasn’t the cot it used to be.  so as i entered the dining room where the dismantling had taken place, i paused, drew a breath, said “oh”, nearly leaked a tear and then said a silent goodbye to tiny babies in enormous cots, to growing babies and to toddlers standing and hollering over the side to be let out.  no more of that for us.

so how’s the co-sleeping going?  pretty good.  we did psych ourselves up for a week or two of incessant fighting, hair pulling, bouncing on each other, blanket snatching, eye-poking and general unpleasantness, and we’re only half a week into that period.  sunday and monday nite tally went to sleep on the mattress on the floor first.  because he was bugging percy too much and not settling down.  last nite he buggered around for a short while before falling asleep in the big bed.  i’m going to call that progress.

one negative that has come to light is that of tally losing his stuffed toy companion, rocco.  i expect in the cot if he let go of him while sleeping rocco didn’t move far because there was no space for him to do so.  last nite, twice tally got us up to help him hunt down rocco, who had wriggled his way out of hands reach under the blanket.  hmmmm…tie rocco to tally?  probably not wise.