toilet training mark II

May 30, 2012

well, with less than a week of effort i’ve given up on toilet training tally.

last friday we ran out of nappies, on purpose, and i told tally he will have to start wearing his underpants now.  he seemed fairly receptive to the idea.  so for friday, the weekend and monday we persisted.  we also had a lot of little boy trousers, undies and socks to wash.  hmmm…

it’s frustrating because i’m quite sure if he wanted to he’d be trained virtually overnite.  he ticks all the boxes about being ready, he just doesn’t want to.  we have to find the right incentivisation method.  yes i made that up.  it comes from frustration.  i’m really sick of changing nappies but i also don’t want tally to have a crying fit every time i ask him to sit on the potty.  bribing him with chocolate- which i did from the first day, isn’t really a long term solution.

on tuesday tally refused to pee, even tho he sat on the potty with lower levels of fuss.  i just couldn’t let him go to gymnastics class, at 10:30am, without having peed all morning.  i can’t afford to replace what i’m sure is thousands of dollars of gymnastics equipment should he piss all over it.  i put a nappy on him after three no-shows on the potty and toilet.  for a couple of reasons he wore this nappy ’til 4pm when i changed him back to underpants.  the nappy was sodden, and he pretty soon peed in his pants.  grrrrr….

yesterday my cold was getting more and more unbearable, reducing my tolerance to nearly everything, and after the third change of clothes he was back in a nappy in the early afternoon.  and he’s been in one since.  boo.  never mind.

i know everyone says boys are harder to toilet train and take longer than girls.  a lot of people don’t even bother trying until their boys are 3 years old.  i’ve heard of 4 yr olds still in nappies.  i’m sure he won’t be going to school in nappies.  still!  i want him toilet trained!



One Response to “toilet training mark II”

  1. paul said

    Let papa take over this weekend.
    Fear is the ultimate toilet training tool, right?

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