school uniforms

June 1, 2012

summer uniform, totally different one required for winter.

hi, if you have any influence over the school uniform your child/ren will wear here’s my tips for making it easier.

1.  make it unisex,

2. girls are just as dirty as boys in primary school- they shouldn’t wear white shirts while the boys wear coloured shirts!

3. peter pan collars are a pain to iron and should be outlawed,

4. skirts are nice on roman gladiators but they just mean little girl’s parents are required to buy “sports undies”, or “scungies” or whatever dumb-ass name you want to call them to wear under the skirt and over their normal underpants- for fucks sake!  shorts or track suit pants are good for everyone.

5. white socks are stupid, stupid, stupid!

6. a number two buzz cut hair do would be great for everyone,

ok, that was going a little too concentration camp.  but seriously!  why do the uniforms have to be so varied and so complicated?  i can’t think of one bloody good reason.  i think it’s even more infuriating for parents with kids of both genders ie. percy will have grown out of her uniforms without leaving a mark on them, but i can’t pass them to tally because it’s a totally different uniform.  GGRRRRRR!!

tip no. 7. don’t buy anything new if you can avoid it.  it’s way overpriced and you’ll never see a return on your investment.  get into the school and find out the uniform shop open days, rock up and go thru the second- hand stuff.  far cheaper and you won’t tell the difference.

if you have a girlie girl who, when given the choice, will always wear a dress over trousers, buy more of those.  even if you want to encourage/impose your gender neutralising preferences on your daughter, don’t bother.  hence percy has three perfectly good short and shirt sets worn perhaps twice and only one dress, worn every day (and it’s still close to pristine due to her growing out of it.)

don’t schools, and i suspect the mob that has more influence over these decisions- the dread p&c, have better things to concentrate on than the freakin’ uniforms?  here should be your mantra- unisex, unisex, unisex!

good luck.