education revolution

July 13, 2012

i know this idea won’t gain any ground but i want to put it down “on paper” anyways.

non-teachers all grumble about the 12 weeks of annual leave that teachers get, they moan about ‘pupil-free’ days, they roll their eyes at strikes.  teachers say its necessary.  particularly for training and up-dating and class/ instruction preparation.

(and teachers are worth (mostly) they pay they get and more.)

how about this to even things up?  we can still have the 12 weeks of “school holidays”, that is days when the kids aren’t in the school.  teachers can have four weeks of annual leave just like most other employees get.  they could even take these weeks off when they like, plenty of substitute/casual teachers about to fill the gaps.  the other eight weeks teachers can spend in training, up-dating and preparation.  if you can’t keep up with your industry and prepare a years worth of classes in eight weeks perhaps the job isn’t for you.



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