Black Pact

October 24, 2012

for father’s day this year i bought paul the boxed set of all three seasons of black books, which came with a handy bottle opener and stopper.  (why the stopper i’m not really sure as bernard black, manny and fran never left a bottle unattended long enough to require a stopper, a trait largely shared by paul too!)

we’ve been slowly watching an episode or two since then.  interspered with boardwalk empire, breaking bad and game of thrones and some truely hideous movies just to bring the quality level down.

last nite we watched the second last episode of season three.  one more episode and we’ll have an attractive black box sitting on the shelf with no reason to lift it down to witness what wonders may be inside.  so we’ve made a pact.

it’s not that black books is our favourite tv show, or the best tv show or has really strong memories and associations that make it remarkable to us.  we just enjoy it.  probably it reminds of us life pre-kids and hence pre-responsibility.  it’s a funny, sardonic, witty, caustic show about some fairly incompetent people.  maybe that appeals to my hard heart?  i think it’s comforting to know that even such malfunctioning people (albeit in tv land) can still survive in a society i recognise.  re-assuring in case i end up that malfunctioning?

regardless what it is that made us settle on this show, we’ve got a pact now.  paul and i have agreed that we won’t watch the last episode of season three (tho i’m sure we’ve both seen it years ago and are just not remembering what it was) until we are pretty sure we are on our last legs.  would it be funny to go out to black books?  probably not but when you’re 36 and 39 it seems funny now.  something to look forward to..?  so we’ll lug that attractive black box around with us for, i hope, many decades and perhaps back and forth across the globe, until we can’t any more.  then we’ll plop ourselves down on a lounge and ask the great grandkids to put the dvd player on.  they’ll look at us with the “huh?” expression on their faces wondering what a dvd player is.  woops!