February 27, 2013

clearly i haven’t been writing for a long time.  we are well into a new year and no rants or raves or stories from me.  not that there hasn’t been plenty to tell.  just not the time to write them.  i hope from next week i’ll have more time.  why?  well as of next week i won’t be spending far, far too much of my time calling, speaking to and waiting for tradies, other assorted quoting people, getting a stiff arse in a court room or up-dating our house.

next week i will be sitting peacefully inside a new home watching the snow drift down outside the window and reading stories to my babies.  the only “home-improvement” thing i will do is lift a telephone to call my landlord should anything be less than perfect.  no more hammers, paintbrushes, screwdrivers, shovels or anything bigger than a cocktail glass for me!  i won’t be sitting thru a litany of dumb people being corrected for their stupid decisions while i wait for my neighbours to be told to suck their heads in.  i’ll be visiting new schools and listening to my darlings read stories to me.  it will be wonderful.

this saturday we fly out to toronto, canada.  as this blog is aptly named; “travelstogether”, we, being my lovely little family, is embarking on a bit more travel together.  it’s been a bit of a slog to get to this point sometimes.  but generally i’ve been enjoying it and am very much looking forward to what may come our way next.  my task is to put us in the path of adventures.

i do have lots of rants and raves up my sleeve.  even some amusing stories.  and i will get to them.  good writers can probably sit down and hammer out excellent prose at 500 words a half hour in all weather.  i’m not much of a writer- i need time to compose and contemplate.  and title.  and then a long space of time to type.  and then time to go back and edit.  (haven’t edited this yet, can you tell?)  all adds up to much less than 500 words a 1/2 hr, even in good weather.  but, kind reader, if you’ll bear with me, i hope very much to entertain, enlighten and maybe even enthrall you soon.  nah, enthrall is too much; my little life and foibles doesn’t amount to ‘enthrall.’  interest, i’ll stick to interest.

what a super year!  keep it coming!