sat 8th june

June 9, 2013

had a very busy day today.  arrived at wonderland at opening time and spent two hours throwing ourselves from ride to ride.  even found the nice kids section hiding up the back that had a bunch of rides for tally, with short queues.  percy screamed her lungs up on “the bat” rollercoaster.  paul tells me she had her eyes closed for most of it, but opened them in a fit of laughter at the end.

then home for lunch and rest.  percy happily went for a proper lie down rest in bed, not something we can get tally to do!  then it was up and off to drama class at 2:30pm.  the end of year concert began at 4:30pm  i thought percy did a really good job of remembering her place, her words and actions and her dance steps despite joining the class so late in the term, never mind for the whole year.

tally was a bit hard to contain but once we perched him on a shoulder high window sill, where he had a better view, he sat a bit stiller.

afterwards paul asked percy if she could have anything for dinner what would it be?  i was expecting “macdonalds”, but she surprised me with “spaghetti.”  hence our celebratory/congratulatory dinner at a fine dining, white linen table cloth italian restaurant near home.  another opportunity for the kids to practice their best/concert/restaurant manners.  which percy did very well.  tally needs more practice.  he’ll get there eventually, needs less diving under the table, a lower voice and more keeping his cutlery at least in proximity to his plate or mouth, not waving about above his head.  delicious food, i even had a glass of wine, that i drank 3/4’s of!  big deal for me.

we’re all well tuckered out.  my cold is lingering and making me lazy, and now paul is coming down with it too.  off to bed.  we did agree to go to the zoo tomorrow, we’ll see…


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