June 18, 2013

being a parent doesn’t really allow for going awol.  i know that sentence doesn’t make sense; going awol isn’t an allowed thing in the first place, that’s why it’s awol.

sometimes it would be so nice to be absent.  absent from being constantly on call, needed, whined at, required, in attendance, on watch, alert (even alarmed), aware, present…  no-one can manage sanity and 24 hour vigilance.

particularly when you’re sick.

i got a bit of a head cold a week ago.  it largely cleared up by the weekend, but came back with a vengeance last nite.  i snorted and snuffled and snored and thrashed about so much i drove paul to the spare bed!  (suppose it’s lucky no-one is visiting right now.)  what sleep i did manage was not very restorative.  putting a brave face on, and a few pills in, this morning i told paul we’d be fine.  percy also managed to wrangle a day home from school.  she apparently had a sore throat and was generally poorly.  yeah, right!  taking advantage of me being too spent to drag her arse to school is what she was.

being rat-shit with two kids is demanding.  the pills only give me a one hour window of functionality, after which rat-shittedness returns.  and the packet says not to take them more than four hourly.  even my basic maths skills shows that’s three hours in every four where even making a vegemite sandwich is an ordeal.  probably needless to say the kids have eaten mostly packaged food today and the teev has been on nearly constantly- god bless you electronic nanny!

now, however is a.w.l time.  absent with leave.  paul has unexpectedly and fabulous arrived home from work at 3:30pm.  i’m outta here…  bedtime.


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