uk trip 2013 – home now

August 13, 2013

we had a really good fortnite in the uk.  there were a couple of down moments with the kids behaviour but all-in-all i think everyone got some good things from the trip.

we’ve been home and week and half now and i clearly haven’t gotten back to a post a day.  oops.  this week percy and tally are at summer camp during the day.  i have lots of time to write.  and do the other things that are far easier done without kids about.  for instance, i got my hair cut this morning.  first time in about a year i think, maybe longer.  and i’m going to the dentist in a half hour.  yesterday i cleaned the kids bathroom!  they were in essence using it as a wet play room.  dinosaurs and paints everywhere.  they mostly shower and brush their teeth in our ensuite.  who needs three full bathrooms?  we do because lots of our lovely friends are going to visit and take up the spare space, aren’t they lovely friends??!!

i’ll write more about the trip soon but i’m busy plotting our next one, and still tidying up from the last and am kinda not motivated yet.  besides, in two weeks, the most one can say of a flying trip around england and scotland is, “i need more time!”


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