Not the best Christmas

December 30, 2014

Our travels have been much curtailed this year compared to last, but I was insistent we not be in our lonely, rented home over Christmas.

In hindsight, a rather dumb insistence.  I did not want to be home because home at Christmas time means family, and hopefully friends too, visiting and making spirits shine together.  My closest family member jetted off to the Caribbean a couple of weeks before Christmas, Paul’s nearest have plenty of family in the UK to keep them busy and no-one is visiting from Oz.  The friends we have gathered here have their own families or have also flown to warmer climes (something we are learning Canadians do a lot of) and/or are predominantly Jewish.  It makes for a family time of year, spent with just the four of us, not much of a family occasion at all.  Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a bit lonely by itself.

So what did we do instead?  Rented an even lonelier house in an even lonelier part of the world and spent the week alone.  It did have a fireplace, albeit a gas one…

It was meant to be a week of skiing and toboganning and hot chocolates and fun in the snow.  For two days it was.  Then the weather warmed and all the snow got rained away.  We spent a further four days taking walks in the slush, watching movies, missing not having a chrissy tree, admittedly drinking fabulous Paul-concocted hot chocolates and realising that everything shuts down in winter- everything.

Santa did find the cookies and carrots we left for him and his crew, and he left some nice pressies in return.  We packed them up and the car and came home a day early.  It really was a waste of $700 for the house, particularly since the place we went skiing is a little over an hour from home; we could have driven up and back each day and been in our own beds and had our own comforts and our chrissy tree the entire time.

All up, the least best trip I’ve ever taken, even counting the times we’ve left body parts and stomach contents behind- I’ll tell you about those wonderful trips (no word of a lie!) another time.