Happy Birthday Tornado Tally!

September 30, 2015

Dearest Talvin,

First, I must apologise that I am nearly two months late in writing your birthday letter.  Life has been a little hectic, but that should be no excuse, and don’t think for even a second that I love you late or that my lack of organisation places you anywhere except at the very top of things important to me.

This past year has been one of steady gains and so much fun with you.  You started full-time school in senior kindergarten, learning so many new things that you were usually keen to share with us at home, sometimes you didn’t feel like talking.  That’s okay, sometimes we need a bit of quiet; space and time to reflect.  You’ve taught us about volcanoes, dinosaurs, spiders, insects, how to do experiments and the importance of scientific rigour and more about zombies than I think we’ll ever need!

You’ve also shown us how big and open your heart is.  I know it gets wounded easily but I hope you’ll always have that big, accepting heart.  Wounded hearts heal in time, but closed ones seem to rarely open.  I’ve rejoiced in the friends you have made at school this year.  I did worry, all this moving about… but you persisted and the screaming heap you and your friends are rolling down grassy hills, on the slide, twisting each other up on the swing, chasing all over the yard with the hose running is music to my ears.  We will organise that sleep over soon, I promise!

This past winter you had another crack at down hill skiing.  We could tell by the big smile you enjoyed swooshing down the hill when your instructor held you up, perhaps a few more assisted swooshes before you like going on your own.  Snow balls fights and snow men building and snow castles to crash thru are your forte!  You’ve explored a lot more in the construction and demolition spheres this year- lego and cushion cubbies, furniture re-arrangement and so many collected sticks in the yard, blankets and wooden blocks, train tracks galore and forests filled with animals.

You had some challenges too.  Remember, as Sensei said; “there is no perfection, only progress.”  You progressed up to your orange belt in karate, what a big achievement for someone so young.  We do want you to try things, have a go and do your best; we hope you’ll enjoy many different things, and learn; somethings don’t capture you, something may turn out to be your passion.  We never expect you to be perfect, certainly not the first hundred go-’rounds.  Don’t be so hard on yourself, don’t cry and hurt yourself when you don’t reach those impossible standards you set for yourself.  It’s okay.  Many people want to help you, support and encourage you.  They’ll celebrate the gains and mourn the setbacks just as much as you, but we’ll never give up on you and your efforts and your best shot.

We haven’t had so many trips about this year; just that week at Christmas, that we all agree would probably just have been better spent at home!  And a few days in Cleveland and of course a week back in Crow Lake, where we celebrated your sixth birthday.  We drove to Perth and found a yummy cake, a surprise (so long as it is chocolate) just like you asked that we sat under the trees and shared with our friends.  I’m so glad you had a great time swimming and roasting marshmallows and sleeping late (not quite late enough) and gazing at the stars, catching frogs, jumping from the dock, paddling the canoe, getting towed behind the speed boat, clambering over deserted islands and deciding which rocks were from old lava flows or maybe from the moon.

We love you to the moon and back little, big man.  Probably further, certainly for longer than it takes to travel there and back a million times.  You’ve brought the tornado into our lives.  Very much looking forward now to where it will take us next.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Always got your back, always loving looking thru your shining, perfect eyes,