Happy 9th Birthday!

April 8, 2016

The last of the single digit birthdays!  Oh my, I can barely believe the time is going past so fast.  Another year, and you are brighter, smarter, taller, sweeter, lovelier and more loved than ever.  (It was pretty hilarious to see that you are now as tall as Rosa, eh?)

What a year of growth you’ve experienced (and not just physically) as we’ve spent another twelve months living in Canada and seeing a bit more of the world and the intriguing places and people in it.  You’ve grown because of challenges you’ve met and conquered, including the ones you asked for help with and because of your broadening view of the world.

It is a broad world, isn’t it?  Since your last birthday you’ve enjoyed some of the same parts again, like peaceful, friendly Crow Lake and new parts like Cleveland!  You travelled to the mid-way point between the North Pole and the equator during our summer week’s break on the Bruce peninsula.  There was some very nice places to swim on that trip- Bridal Veil Falls and the beach in Kagawong nearby, on Manitoulin Island;  Boulder Beach at Lion’s Head and Sauble Beach on Lake Huron.  Remember we bought some great chocolates at the Manitoulin Chocolate Works in Kagawong too!

In Cleveland we visited the Children’s Museum where you practised delivering the weather on TV and you, me and Tally indulged in staying in bed for half the day, in our jamies, watching movies on the big hotel room TV while poor Pappa had to go to work.

Then at Christmas it was time to don our travel gear again as we set off for England, France and Iceland!  You were just wonderfully wonderful with your little cousins in England; so patient, so inventive, so helpful.  My heart melted watching you carefully cradle little Nancy and Lyra.  And could we have managed as well as we did in Paris without your excellent French?!  I think not!  Those tough Parisians were no match for your charm and perseverance.

I’m wondering if it’s our family or Aussies or everyone in general, that likes swimming and playing in the water.  For even in Iceland in winter you jumped in the hot tub at the hotel in Hekla and then the thermal heated pools in Reykjavik too, including the three storey high slide!  Far braver than me (and perhaps more immune to the cold)!  Ready for the Aussie beach, again?  Soon… and I reckon the winter temps won’t matter to you.

Some of the challenges you have encountered this year are unique to you.  I know you were disappointed there was to be no big birthday party, because we’re moving country again and there’s no opportunity for a big party.  I’m proud you calmly accepted this and enjoyed our little gathering, on our make-shift cardboard furniture.  Remember the friends that stick by you when it’s not so exciting, not so glamourous, not so rewarding are the ones you need to stick to, too.  Unique to you too is your name.  Yeah, there are a few other Persephones in the world, possibly none with the nickname Percy.  When people tease you about your name just remember the first Persephone was a Queen, Queen of the Dead no-less!  Everyone, sooner or later, falls under her domain.  The dumb kids at school might find it entertaining to see how far they can push you, and so far you’ve done everything right, but don’t let them get you down.  Once everything else fails, which it might, you take those advanced purple belt karate skills and bust their face so bad they can’t talk disrespectful shit to you.  (I’ve got your back.)

And remember, Persephone’s mum Demeter loved her so much that when Persephone spent her six months of the year with Hades in Hades (yeah, those ancient Greeks were a bit messed up), Demeter was so distraught she neglected her duties of bringing fertility and new life to the world, hence the seasons of autumn and winter.  Demeter has got nothing on how much Pappa and I love you!