Happy Seventh Birthday, Tally!

September 22, 2016

Dearest Tally,

Welcome to your eighth year!  The past seven have been such a joy to spend with you.  There’s a number of particular things worthy of mentioning about your seventh year.  It’s been one of big changes and some really special efforts from you.  I am very proud of you.  So let’s get started…

Shortly after your sixth birthday, celebrated at tranquil Crow Lake, you started grade one at Thornhill Woods Public School.  This was a big step from kindergarten with the change of classmates, teachers, playground (no more kindergarten pen.  Never did like that term.) and expectations.  You began to make solid progress with maths and reading.  Your pattern recognition was exemplary and your creativity always off the chart!

At the Christmas break we went to visit our family in England.  Do you remember?  We had a great time playing with your little cousins, you were very thoughtful and gentle.  We went to Paris for a few days where unfortunately you weren’t feeling well for one day.  You recovered enough to enjoy Nutella crepes and hot chocolates!  Wasn’t that delicious?  We also spent a day at the Harry Potter studios outside London.  I think you really liked that present from your aunts and uncles.  It was amazing, hey?  You recognised a lot from the books and movies.  Then we went on to Iceland for a few days.  How weird were the hot pools and the nearly freezing air?!  You insisted on going down the water slide, in two degrees in Reykjavik.  Lucky the pool at the bottom was geothermally heated a lovely warmth.  And very well spotted you- seeing the Auroa Borealis out the plane window on the way over!

Back at school you were working hard on your school work and making friends.  We often walked home from school with either Kiki or Geri.  I know you liked playing at Kiki’s house and particularly liked having Edwin visit us or meet at the park.  We all liked when Geri started babysitting you and Percy sometimes.  I think she was lots of fun for you guys.

Then in April is was time to pack up, live in a hotel for a week and come back to Australia.  I know it hasn’t been the smoothest transition between schools and friends.  You have struggled and had some problems.  The important things to remember is you tried really hard, to be kind, to be patient, to be fair.  The rules are different at this school to your Canadian one and we just have to adapt to that.  Trust me, the ability to cope with change and be adaptable will be on the most important things you can learn and have throughout life.

I’m very proud of your improvement in reading.  You still say you can’t, but you’re not fooling me!  The more you practice the better you’ll get, and then you’ll not be beholden to having the stories you really want to read, being read to you.  I know you tire of me repeating myself to you, nevertheless it doesn’t get less true for the repetition- there is all the knowledge, all the adventure, all the truth and all the stories in the world, as well as many from off our world, contained between the covers of our best ever invention, the humble and the brazen book.

Tally, for your seventh birthday you asked if you could celebrate at home with a few of your friends, eating treats and watching a movie together.  I’m not sure how much of the movie got watched but the floor was carpeted in popcorn and the trampoline for a good work out.  That’ll do.

You’re seven now.  I hope the silliness and the affection and the questing that have brought you this far will continue to take you to many amazing places; physical, figurative, imaginative, emotional, with family and friends.

Happy birthday my talented, terrorising, tenacious, talkative, tender, terrific Tally!



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