Happy 8th Birthday

September 20, 2017

My dearest sunny son,

All the happiest, happiest best wishes that I can possibly muster from across the galaxy I gift to you on this your eighth birthday.

Yet again I am astounded that another year has passed in your life; you’re older, sweeter, smarter and even more loved.

This past 12 months I have watched and wondered as you have completed a year of Australian schooling and started a second.  You have shown a wonderful aptitude for numbers and patterns; I have lost count of the times you have set me a maths question, and somewhat embarrassing for me, I’ve had to work out the answers on paper, or even resorting to a calculator!  Your experienced and quality Year 2 teacher, Mrs Morgan and I, are very pleased with your progression in reading and comprehension.  Listening to your adorable voice read stories to me is a job every day.

You are a fast runner, not bad at swinging a baseball bat and an awesomely expressive dancer.  Your love of music and movement continues unabashed and I hope stays with you for life.  You remain uncompetitive; you won’t join a team, you won’t participate in any activity that may pit you against someone else.  I sometimes joke you were born with a non-compete clause!  There’s nothing wrong with your preference, though I do hope one day you might change your mind about team sports or activities, there are benefits in team work that are not readily available elsewhere.

This year you’ve had some great experiences- climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge with your Oma for her 70th birthday, learning to ride a bike, swimming in the rock pools at Caves Beach and hosting a very fun laser tag birthday party (which I was pleased to note was attended equally by boys and girls and kids of different ages to you.)

Your independence is helped by learning to ride that bike.  You can now visit your friend’s homes and go for rides in our neighbourhood, unaccompanied.  Or further afield, for longer distances, with Pappa.  Pappa was very cheered when you whizzed past him after conquering riding, exclaiming; “Sorry I didn’t want to learn.  This is the best!”

My darling I’m proud of your blossoming relationships with a great number of people from varying parts of your life.  Your love for Granma and Grandad is so apparent and returned in equal measure.  I know you still take people at face value with your what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach.  You’re open and trusting and wonderful.  Never change that part of you!

I’m eager to see what the next year holds for you.  I’m sure you’ll make it yours in the ways only you can; your unlimited imagination, your ready energy, your mile-a-minute talking and your big ideas.  Be bold, I’ve got your back!

Faithfully, your unswerving and devoted, Mother.