jetlag – i take it back.

October 17, 2013

previously (as in before the past three days) i’ve always been very dubious about the existence of jetlag.  i get feeling tired because you’ve been up for way too many hours in a row, or trying to fall into an, at best, fitful sleep, in a cramped airplane chair.  but jetlag?  the actual being out of sync with daylight and sleeping and coherent thinking?  nah, that seemed a bit bollocky to me.

my solution to getting over being tired is stay up ’til your current location bedtime, even if that means pushing thru more tiredness, sleep a full and happy nite; and be right as rain the next morning!  ta-da, you’re on local time.

remember my international flying experience started around age 3.  my family made a trip from canada to australia and back in 1979, before immigrating and staying permanently in 1980.  in 1988 i made another trip to canada and back to oz.  ten years later i worked as an international hostie, albeit only for six months.  my route was sydney- kuala lumpur- vienna- and back.  since hooking up with paul i’ve made trips to south east asia, the middle east, europe and north america.  it’s not insubstantial.  i’ve felt tired plenty of times.  so tired i’ve fallen asleep sitting on a hard stowage box in the kitchen at the back of the plane.  so tired i’ve vomited from exhaustion (not just from the dodgy street food in KL.)  so tired i nearly sold paul to white slave traders on the banks of the nile.  oh wait, no, my brain wasn’t that adled, that was in bangkok!

anyways, my point is, i’ve been at the sleepy end of a reasonable amount of long distance plane trips, and i don’t think i’ve ever ‘suffered’ from jetlag.  jetlag, shmetlag.  so can someone please explain the staggering about i’m still doing despite being home for three days now?  until you do i’m going to pin it on the kids waking up a few times every nite and calling out for huggles, water bottles, blankets straightened, bad dreams banished, an extra pillow, more tissues, and more huggles.

jetlag, shmetlag!

(p.s. sorry for doubting you paulie.)


living in a motorhome

August 30, 2013

for five fantastic, furious nites we flew from london to andover, stongehenge, bath, cardiff, stirling, burghead, edinburgh, buxton and back to london in a hired motorhome.  i loved the trip, i loved my new family that i either met for the first time or got to know more, i loved the places we got to see (albeit very quickly), i loved taking percy and tally (despite some meltdowns) and i loved doing it all with paul.

i categorily did not love doing it in a motorhome!  perhaps if it was your own motorhome and you had tricked it out the way that suits you it might be ok.  but that broken piece of crap that we hired?  no, i don’t think so.

i admit it was convenient to have a tincy wincy kitchen and something approximating a bathroom along for the ride.  however the bathroom was just too small and it stank no matter how we cleaned it and emptied the toilet cartridge.  and driving those suckers is scary!  we specifically got the smallest one we reasonably could that could still sleep the four of us, and it was still enormous feeling.  i can’t really complain on the driving front tho because paul did all the driving.  i’ve neglected to learn to drive a manual transmission. (not that i care; i don’t drive a car for the experience of moving my arms and legs, i drive to see what’s along the way and to get somewhere).  nearly every rental vehicle of whatever sort, in the uk, is a manual.

on two mornings, when we wanted to vamoose quickly to get to the next destination it was nice to leave the kids asleep in the back and drive off.  (illegal i’m sure and potentially very dangerous.)  one morning i climbed in with them and actually fell back asleep until paul pulled up at a roadside stop adjacent to a river, in the lakes district, for breakfast.  it was perfect.  he drove for an extra three hours, out of our way, just because i said i wanted to visit the lakes district.  after breakfast we went wading in the river.  it was quite fast flowing tho, and pretty cool, so no all-in swimming.  this is something you can’t do staying in hotels.  pulling up where you please, when you please…  i suppose there are advantages to motorhome holidays.

motorhomes in the uk are freaky when you get off the highways.  the little byways and lanes are the pretty places… oh my, did we see some pretty places!  postcard perfect views and vistas, old pubs and homes covered in vines and flowers, tumbling streams, fluffy black-faced sheep, steep tree-less hills, mirror lakes, castles, manor homes, follies, stone walls as far as the eye could see…  i’m in love.  but those little lanes are often lined with those dang stone walls, or tall, thick hedges, only a few centimetres from where the bitumen ends.  hence no room for error, or moving over when an even bigger motorhome or truck comes the other way!  i think paul did admirably well not requiring a change of underpants on more than one occasion.

once we’re back on oz i’d really like to take a few months and go round and thru and over our home country.  quite possibly a 4wd motorhome would be a great option to do this in.  even the smaller lanes in australia aren’t hemmed in like the british ones.  plus we could get an auto transmission one more easily i suspect, and hence share the driving.  this is a long term plan tho.  we’ll be well broke once home, and have a house to build…  hmmmm.  plus i’d like percy and tally to be a couple of years older, so they can appreciate our wide brown land and all its myriad inhabitants.  and that getting a few months off school is a big deal!

ok, i certainly couldn’t live happily in a motorhome but perhaps i could holiday in one, in the right circumstances, again.

uk trip 2013 – home now

August 13, 2013

we had a really good fortnite in the uk.  there were a couple of down moments with the kids behaviour but all-in-all i think everyone got some good things from the trip.

we’ve been home and week and half now and i clearly haven’t gotten back to a post a day.  oops.  this week percy and tally are at summer camp during the day.  i have lots of time to write.  and do the other things that are far easier done without kids about.  for instance, i got my hair cut this morning.  first time in about a year i think, maybe longer.  and i’m going to the dentist in a half hour.  yesterday i cleaned the kids bathroom!  they were in essence using it as a wet play room.  dinosaurs and paints everywhere.  they mostly shower and brush their teeth in our ensuite.  who needs three full bathrooms?  we do because lots of our lovely friends are going to visit and take up the spare space, aren’t they lovely friends??!!

i’ll write more about the trip soon but i’m busy plotting our next one, and still tidying up from the last and am kinda not motivated yet.  besides, in two weeks, the most one can say of a flying trip around england and scotland is, “i need more time!”